Sunday, May 1, 2011

HIVES (Uticaria)

Hives in medical term are known as uticaria, which are swollen red, very itchy, smoothly elevated disorder of skin. They appear anywhere on body with different sizes and different shapes, from few millimeters to inches in diameter. Hives are more common in woman than men. The swelling which occurs in skin parts which is deep and that is followed by hives is called angioedema.

Causes Of Hives :

Hives are caused when histamine is released from the body cells called mast cells.which actually release from the blood vessels and causes hives which are swollen on the skin.hives are very common they resolve after a period of time by themselves.some types of hives are caused as a result of allergy but mostly no defeinite cause is known.hives leads towards stress.

Symptoms Of Hives :

There is no definite symptom, some of the mostly found signals of hives are:
1. Reddish skin
2. Itching around the skin again and again and leading towards pain or reddish skin.
3. Swollen part of skin
4. Feeling uncomfortable with skin and itching again and again.

Treatment Of Hives :

1. Most common treatment is Antihistamines.
2. Tropical therapies are available in hospitals.
3. Camphor,menthol and pramoxine can help in get rid of it.
4. Cortisone-containing creams (steroids) are helpful creams in treating hives.

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