Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which are illness of a body and cause by the own immune system of body, it can affect any tissue or cell in any part of the human body, which results in breakage or damage of tissue, the immune system is present in the body to defend other harming agents which attacks a body, the immune system works reversely if someone has lupus.
Lupus is the cause of other diseases, in which heart disease, skin disease, joints pain, nervous system etc.
The ration of having lupus in women is almost 8 times more than men.

Signs And Symptoms Of Lupus :

People having lupus have different types of signs and symptoms but the common among all are, fatigue, muscle ache, fever, joint pains, facial rash, hair loss, lever disease and heart disease.

Diagnosis Of Lupus :

The diagnosis of lupus is different from country to country means that the countries like USA, UK and Canada are using unique and advanced technology to diagnose lupus in which Anti Nuclear Antibody ( ANA ) test, Complete Blood Count, photosensitivity ( in which the skin of infected person is checked under sunlight, malar rash and sometimes arthritis are used.

Treatment Of Lupus :

There is no any such ordinary treatment up till now to cure it, but anti malarial drugs are often used to decrease the level of autoimmune in the body.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Most Deadly Diseases

Following are the most deadly diseases which killed millions of people throughout the world in the past and some of them are also present today.

1. Small Pox : This disease is considered as the most deadly diseases in the 19th and 20th Century, more than 5 Billion people have lost their lives due to this virus, Variola major or Variola minor virus were the two main cause of this infectious disease.

2. Malaria : It is the second largest deadly disease, and the main point is that it is also causing more casualties today in the parts of Africa, it has killed around 80 Million people worldwide.

3. Heart Disease : Heart attack ranks third in the most deadly diseases table, you can imagine this disease that every minute a person dies from Heart Attack.

4. Measles : This disease is caused by the respiration and a person not having this disease can get if his room mate has. More than 6 Billion people have dies through this disease from the past 175 years.

5. Tuberculosis : It has claimed more than 40 Million people worldwide and it is present today also, it attacks the lungs of human body. It ranks 5th in our deadly disease rankings.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Scabies is one of the most itching and painful contagious skin condition which is caused by a tiny parasite named Sarcoptes Scabiei, which is not able to see by a naked eye, it lives in side the animal or human body's skin and it causes bad itching usually at night time, it does not only attacks human body but also animals also come under its attack, this parasite have eight legs.
More than 300 million cases occurs each year in not only US but all around the world, people having pets at their home are mostly get caught by this disease,

Signs And Symptoms Of Scabies:

The infected area gets reddish in color and the main areas which are usually infected by this skin conditions are between the fingers of hands and legs, the wrists and below elbows, the knees, around the waist,the sides and backs of the feet.

Treatment Of Scabies:

There are many treatment products for this infection but Permethrin cream is usually advised by specialist to get rid of these parasites but this cream is expensive as compared to other alternatives, no vaccine is available in market until now to prevent this.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Toothache is a badly aching pain which usually pains in or around the tooth of human body. The pain of teeth is at the extreme level and is very problematic, ( i have experienced my self ).

Causes Of Toothache :

Toothache is usually caused by the some common tooth cavities, a cracked tooth which leads the way for germs to reach canal which is at the bottom of tooth, eating acidic food, jaw disease, gum disease or infected dental pulp. It can also be caused by eating hot and drinking cold at the same time or by chewing sweet gum most of the time.

Treatment Of Toothache :

The basic treatment for toothache which doctors advice is of X-ray, and some pain relieving tablets, however root-canal is also taken by the specialist.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failue is a condition is which the heart lacks the function
as a pump to deliver oxygen rich blood to the body. It can be caused due to

a. some diseases that weaken the heart muscle

b. diseases that increase oxygen demand from the body tissues beyond the heart's ability to provide adequate oxygen-rich blood.

c. diseases that cause stiffening of muscles of the heart

Symptoms Of Congestive Heart Failure :

There are many symptoms of Congestive heart failure but the most primary symptom includes
fatigue. It is a most sensitive indicator of congestive heart failure. The person's ability to work and exercise can diminish and patient may not even sense this sudden decrease. In Congestive heart failure the body become overloaded wit fluids another symptom includes swelling of the legs and ankles. In addition shortness of breath during exercise and when lying flat is another symptom of Congestive heart failure some times patient can be awakened at night, gasping for the the air.

Diagnosis Of Congestive Heart Failure :

Following are the main points through which Congestive heart failure can easily be diagnose.

1. Presence of fluid in the body, leg swelling, short breathing, neck veins and condition of the heart (sound of the heart, size of heart and pulse).

2. The test includes in diagnoses of Congestive heart failure includes Chest x-ray, previous heart attacks (if any), fluid in body, and the most effective is ECG in which Ultrasound is used to diagnose to see structure of valves, blood pressure flow and heart muscles.

3. Another helpful test includes brain natriuretic peptide level which is actually a blood test to diagnose Congestive heart failure.


Gout is a human disease in which the level of uric acid inside the body increases, the increase limit of this uric acid leads to form small crystals which gathers around the tissues, tendons and joints of a body, the most affected area of this disease is the toes ( hallux ) of a person. The infected parts becomes swollen , itchy, reddish and paining. This disease can leads towards building stones in kidneys and joint destruction. It is also known as "the disease of rich".
Around 5 Million people only is United States got affected by this disease, and the people over 70 age are usually infected with this diseases and the ratio of causing this disease in men is more than women.

Signs And Symptoms Of Gout :

A person feels joints pain in knee, arms, fingers and most commonly in toes often at night times because that time the temperature of a persons body changes, other main symptoms might be of a fatigue and have high temperature ( fever ). The pain in these parts is very hard to bear even a light touch of body or blanket cannot be easily beard.

Causes Of Gout :

Gout can be caused by these main factors : high blood pressure, the increase level of salt in human body, gaining weight, drinking too much alcohol or injury to the joint. People having hyperuricemia are usually caught with gout once in their life.

Diagnosis Of Gout :

The main diagnosis of gout is usually done by taking an x-ray of the affected part. Blood tests are also conducted in order to check the level or presence of uric acid in the body.


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