Friday, August 12, 2011

Heart Attack

When there is not enough oxygen flow to a heart, its function begins to suffer, heart is a organ which is responsible for blood and oxygen supply to all over the body, when there is insufficient or no passage for oxygen to flow it. Block the oxygen supply completely, and the muscle of the heart starts to die this is termed as heart attack, it is very common worldwide.

Causes of heart attack:

1. Plaque may become a blokeage.
2. Plaque which is made up of cholesterol it can block veins with lots of calcium deposits.
3. Narrow arteries.
4. Angina
5. Too much smoking may block the arteries.

Risk factors involved in heart attack:

1. Hereditary
2. Smoking
3. Diabetes
4. High blood pressure
5. High cholesterol
6. Cocaine use
7. Abnormal oxygenation
8. Severe angina

Sign and symptoms of heart attack:

1. Chest pain
2. Shortness of breath
3. Nausea
4. Jaw chew
5. Indigestion
6. Weakness
7. Fatigue
8. Pain in heart
9. Too much sweating

First Aid at home:

Immediately take an aspirin if you are concerned with any type of above symptoms or you experience heart attack.

Diagnosis of heart attack:

1. Medical history
2. Physical examinations
3. Diagnosis of cholesterol,smoking and diabetes.
important questions include:
1. When did the pain start?
2. What were you doing?
3. Did you have to stop?
4. Did the pain get better with rest?
5. Did the pain come back with activity?
6. Did the pain stay in your chest or did it move somewhere else, like the jaw, teeth, arm or back?
7. Did you get short of breath?
8. Did you become nauseous?
9. Were you sweating profusely?

Treatment of heart attack:

Treatment may involve weekly tests of blood pressure,blood and ecg.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Migraine Headache

Migraine headache is a pain of head's half part, this pains occurs when the blood vessels of a person enlarge automatically, it effects more females than males throughout the world, taking America only the ratio of causing migraine in women is three times more than men. This pains last for around 4 to 72 hours in adults and around 1-2 days in children.

Causes of Migraine Headache:

The main migraine headache causes are:
1. Listening to sound continuously for more than 3 hours.
2. Exposure to light for hours, for example, sitting in front of computer or television screen for long time.
3. Stress, hunger and sometimes fatigue plays important role causing migraine headache.
Treatment of Migraine Headache:

The best way that doctors advice is less use of aspirin, person should take rest when having migraine headache and should take medicine according to doctors advice.


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