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Goitre is caused due to deficiency of iodine in diet, it is also known as Goiter, the deficiency of iodine causes swelling in the neck where thyroid gland is, there are 90% cases worldwide effected by goiter, iodine is a compulsory mineral for avoiding goiter, most commonly it is widely seen in those countries which are developing and the intake of salts or iodine are low there, iodine is to be taken by every men, women, children, teenage and infant to avoid goiter.

Causes Of Goitre :

1. The thyroid gland which lies in the body uses organic iodine in its secretion process and a diet deficient in organic iodine is affecting factor towards causing this disease, especially under physical and emotional disturbances.
2. It effects those who intake denatured foods.
3. Food taken in raw or uncooked form may also lead toward goiter.

Symptoms Of Goiter :

1. Swelling on neck area appears and it is very obvious may be clearly seen on the neck easily.
2. Pain in the neck region.
3. Fever, headaches.
4. Fatigue.
5. Unemotional and embarrassment in state of mind.
6. Lack of confidence.
7. Dull skin color.

Home Remedies Of Goiter :

1. Rest and bowel cleansing with lukewarm water:
For the first five days the patient should take complete rest and should clean the bowel with lukewarm water daily.

2. Using seeds of Flex:
The seeds of flex are good for reducing swelling, they should be heated in water, grounded and then applied to effected area.

3. Bauhinia variegate for goiter:
Also known as kachnar should be used for goiter, it should be used in empty stomach twice a day.

4. Swamp cabbage for goiter:
the water or tea of swamp cabbage should be used daily, it is good for thyroid hormones.

5. Using iodine:
Iodine should be given in organic form oats, garlic, lettuce, onion, carrot, guavas, pineapple, egg yolks, citrus fruits, rice, strawberries and tomatoes should be given.

6. Leaves of dandelion are good for goiter.

7. Watercress paste:
A paste made of watercress applied to effected area reduces the swelling and pain in goiter effected area.

Diets For Goitre Patients :

1. Fruits.
2. Milk.
3. Fresh fruit juices.
4. Those foods which are enrich with iodine and calcium.

Foods To Avoid During Goiter :

1. White sugars.
2. Teas.
3. Alcohols.
4. Flesh foods.
5. Greasy foods.
6. Condiments.
7. Preserves.

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