Saturday, June 19, 2010

Low Back Pain

When ever we stand, the lower back helps in supporting the weight of upper body and when ever we bend, rotate, or extend the lower back performs the function of movement. So the lower back performs the main function of whole body without it we can not do anything.
Lower back Pain is a common musculoskeletal disorder which affects more than 85% people of the world at some point in their lives, It is one of the biggest cause for more sick leaves and absentees from offices, industries or any sector. Its duration is different according to each case, but it usually takes a week or two in recovering.

Causes Of Low Back Pain :

Main causes of low back pain are :
Lumbar Strain, Posture, Spinal Stenosis, Nerve Irritation, Expanding of bones, Bones Or Joint Conditions, Fractures, Arthritis, Leg Lenth Difference, Ovary Problems, Kidney Problems, Use of too hard or too soft mattresses while sleeping etc.

Diagnosis For Low Back Pain :

Doctors or specialists advice the victim to test X RAY or CT Scan of lower back side.

Treatment For Low Back Pain :

Treatments are given to victims according to their pain level or category, some of the treatments are as :
1. Massage Therapy can be a quick beneficial for patients.
2. Yoga postures can also benefit patient.
3. Heating the lower back side may also result in relief, some times cold therapy is also advised.
4. Some unique kinds of shoes are also provided to the victim.

Surgery can also be advised to the patient if one's health is critical.

Prevention :

These simple steps can be taken in order to be prevented from lower back pain :

1. Protect back side from injury.
2. Routine exercise like cycling, weight lifting, swimming, walking can also prevent one from lower back pain.
3. One should adobe good postures in order to be protected.
4. Never lift heavy objects individually but take help from someone.
5. Eat healthy diet like Vitamin D, which helps in strengthening of bones.


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