Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ringworm Disease

There are many types of skin diseases, some are harmful and some are less harmful, no disease in the world gives advantage, as the Ringworm is also a skin disorder which is also know as Tinea it happens with skin fungi, it also has some types. This disease is not caused by Ringworm ( insects ) but the name is derived from the shape of the affected area, as the spots are round and red in color. (Like you can see in the image)

Ringworm can mostly occur to any age of people but the rate in children is more than adults,
Ringworm can be caused to another person through swimming pool water, dusty gloves or shoes, and places having lots of dust and sewerage water.
A person can cause this disease from another person by touching the affected area or using his day to day things like cums, brushes, cloths etc. The affected area itches a lot when this disease occurs and the only way to cure is to use anti-fungal medicines.


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