Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pagets Disease Of Bone

Pagets disease is an abnormal condition of the bone, it a chronic condition of bone actually and characterized by disorder of normal bone remodeling process. In bone affected by Pagets disease, the bone remodeling is disturbed and not synchronized as a result the bone becomes enlarged, dense less, abnormal, brittle and can easily fracture or breakage, mostly the pagets disease of bone effects the bone of adults, around 2% of adults have this disease in United States. The most common bones affected by Pagets disease include the spine, the thigh bone (femur), the pelvis, the skull, the collarbone (clavicle), and the upper arm bone (humerus). the other name for pagets disease of bone is osteitis deformans, it can be seen in children also but in form of juvenile.

Causes Of Pagets Disease :

1. Sequestrosome 1 gene on chromosome 5 are associated with pagets disease.
2. Virus infections may cause pagets disease.
3. Hereditary gene of pagets disease of bone may transfer from one generation to another through parents to offspring.
4. Lack of calcium and iron may cause abnormal bone function.

Symptoms Of Pagets Disease :

1. It is noticed when x-rays are suppose to be taken when they are to be take for another reason but suddenly pagets disease of bone come to sight.
2. Bone pain.
3. Enlarged bones.
4. Fractures
5. Deformity.
6. Arthritis.
7. Tingling and numbness.
8. Pain and stiffness of knee or hip.
9. When skull bone are effected hearing loss,vision or headaches may occur.
10. Weakness feeling in effected bones.

Treatments Of Paget Disease Of Bone :

The treatment methods involve certain types of medicines for bone, they should be carbon, potassium, calcium and iron enriched.
1. Several types of exercises are prescribed by the doctors for patients of this disease which can be done daily to avoid the stiffness or bone jam.
2. Milk is a complete food and helps in re growing of bones and maintains the condition of bones.
3. Bone pain usually needs anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or sometimes pain-healing medications.
4. Actonel, fosamax, etidronate, zoledronate, pamidronate and risedronate should be used in medicines to avoid pains and certain compilations of pagets disease of bones.

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