How to maintain your body with help of different exercises.

Exercise plays a vital role in human life because its keep human body fit and healthy without exercise no one can feel healthy and active. Doctors advise everyone to do some exercise everyday because its helps to keep body fit and its save human from any diseases.

Sports is always a best exercise of all time their are hundreds of exercises available today but most people do not take part in sports which is causes more and more diseases day by day. According to a recent studies in US it is estimated that fat is become very very common in US population which is headache for every one.

In this article i am going to describe about how to maintain your body through different exercises.There are hundreds of exercises which we can do in our daily life but i am going to describe about the first best exercise of today which is Yoga. I will briefly tell you about yoga in my article which will help you maintaining a good and healthy life.

Yoga was originated in India nearly 5000 years ago it is a Sanskrit work Yuj which means to unite or join. Now peoples are adopting yoga in all over the world because it is a complete exercise.

Yoga is another name of concentration on different or specific body parts through many techniques. The involvement of mind and body is a primary objective of yoga because through thousands of yoga postures one can easily concentrate on specific body parts and focus on mind is a second most important thing in yoga without mind concentration one cannot achieve its goals in yoga.

There are hundred types of yoga which is currently practicing by different institutes and peoples around the world. Yoga gains special importance in Hinduism because they use it as Opening their hearts and soul and to feel deep soul satisfaction through yoga that is why yoga the best institutes of yoga is in India which are giving very good information to yoga students around the planet. According to a survey almost 13.4 million Americans are participating in yoga now a days. Yoga is not only for senior age peoples but it is also a best exercise for kids and adults through doing yoga young and adults can change their lives and can find the satisfaction of body, mind and soul.
The recent studies shows that yoga is the best exercise to prevent the Hypertension or High blood pressure, very good for asthma patients, increases flexibility, its affects the mood of individual who do it regularly and also its helps to low the diabetes. These are the best affects of yoga today another study shows that in yoga also helps you building confidence, increases power of decision making and mind power which are always useful for all.

Second best exercise is Walk and jogging which is very simple and for everyone. Doctors advises everyone to walk one to two kilometer daily because it helps a lot in digestion and for burning calories it is the best exercise for heart patients and for high blood pressure patients. Walk is a best exercise for old age peoples because it help them to maintain their weight. jogging is also very good exercise available today and it is superb way of burning calories. But the overweight individuals should start from walking slowly and then shift to Jogging after few days because for overweight individuals direct Jogging can cause them injury. Through walk and Jogging one can easily maintain weight without taking any drugs.

The third best exercise is Running it is an excellent exercise for young and adults we should motivate our children for running because it is the best way to keep body in shape and maintain.

Weight lifting is another best way of exercise available today it is very popular in adults because it makes their body so smart. In weight lifting with the help of Dumbbell one can build muscles of triceps, Biceps, Shoulders, Legs, and chest. Dumbbells are the basics of weight lifting you do not need to go to gym regularly if you have dumbbells available in home. But it is better to do these exercises under the supervision of physician or Weight lifting exercises because it can cause major injuries, brake your tissues and muscles if you over lift them. Doctors advises to start weight lifting exercises from low weight to high. It is excellent way to burn hundred of calories in minutes because it is very hard to do.

Another way of maintaining body is by taking parts in sports, there are hundred of sport games available today in which swimming, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball and Hockey are the best to keep your body fit and healthy. All sportsmen adopts Swimming for them because it is the basic exercise for all. In swimming all the body parts works at the same time which results in burning of more calories and it increases stamina which is very basic step for all sports. Soccer, tennis and Hockey are the other exercises which requires a lot of physical fitness and stamina.

In the end exercises improves your mental power, increase confidence, physical power, intelligence, keep mind sharp and fresh.

Always think proud of your body not ashamed because if we think that my body is not fit i am looking very bad no one like me and these sought of negative thinking it will always affect your body and you can not adopt any good exercise, always feel proud and try to tackle the problems faced by you in daily life. This is the first step of adopting a good exercise be positive you will gain positive. We should also maintain over diet because it is also major factor of fattening and diseases. By adopting good diet we can make our body healthy and fit. A good diet should be according to doctors advise which they recommend to all.

By acting upon these points we can make our life healthy and we can spend our lives good without any tensions and diseases.

Facial Mask

Facial Mask is non-medical procedure to help the health of the body. It contains Vitamins, Fruit extracts and minerals. Facial mask consist of many kinds of protein and substantial products it can be made easily in home by using different natural ingredients like cucumber, Honey, Lemon , Milk, and Oat meal. It is easy to apply on face it vanishes pimples, black heads, white heads, wrinkles, age factor, nourishes, replace the dead skin, whitens the skin and exfoliate it.

There are many kinds of facial masks present in the market according to the type of skin some are for the whitening of skin some are for pimples and some are for oily dry and normal skin. These type of masks are easily available at any big medicine store there are some type of clay masks also which is very helpful for oily skin. Green clay is recommended for clay facial mask.

The tools used in procedure of face masking by an expert are Cotton, Cotton pads, antiseptic lotion, massage cream, astringent, and tonic lotions.

The use of facial mask is very common all over the world and its popularity is increasing day by day because people know that it has no disadvantages but doctors recommend facial mask users to use it 3 to 4 times in a week because if someone use it more than this it will give some side affects too.

Our body parts need some care because it is very necessary for us to give some time to our body parts and facial mask is the best way to keep our face better.

Exercise For Eyes

Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The activities which we use to perform every day can give some disadvantages
to our eye sight. Like working on computer all day long, reading different materials,
and writing requires a lot of concentration and eye attention creates high chances to
feel your eyes tired. The modern technology is putting more and more stress on our eye
sight day by day. Recent studies shows that most peoples are facing the problems like
eye sight weakness and eye disorders in early ages. It is better to take care of your
eyes at early ages by acting on some tips and advises you can take good care of your
eyes and can save your eyes from different problems.

1. Must go for the eyes check in every 12 months.
2. Always follow the medication suggested by your doctor because it can minimize the
risk of eye problems.
3. Keep changing your contact lenses in every 6 months ( If you use lenses ) and wash
them once in a week. Otherwise i suggest you not to use contact lenses because they are
not good for eyes always use best quality glasses.
4. Always wear sunglasses if you are going out in a shiny day because it will prevent
you from direct sunlight.


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