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Rabies is a disease in humans which is caused by the bite of any animal like dog or other if they are infected by the rabies virus, it causes certain brain diseases in humans and if not properly treated they cause respiratory problems and death in almost every person infected, rabies has been transmitted by saliva droplets from an infected animal that contacts a skin break (abrasion or cut).

Except new Zealand and Australia rabies is found worldwide, the countries with dogs have most commonly seen infected by rabies. Bats, cats, foxes and raccoons can be infected by rabies other than dogs, about 55,000+ deaths yearly are results of rabies worldwide.

Signs And Symptoms Of Rabies :

1. Headaches
2. Fever
3. Irritation in body
4. Itching
5. Shivering
6. Drooling
7. Anxiety
8. Hallucinations
9. Delirium
10. Convulsions
11. Insomnia
12. Muscles spasms
13. Swallowing difficulty
14. Numbness and tingling

Causes Of Rabies :

It was suggested by the scientist Girolamo Fracastoro studied rabies and concluded that it was a communicable disease transmitted to people by direct contact with saliva from infected animals, animals can easily transmit rabies to humans and other animals which may result in severe and dangerous happenings to the patients, a person may also die if not treated well and if not given the vaccine as the first aid he may develop sever nerve breakdown and may loss the control over body.

Rabies Treatment :

1. It can be treated by giving a person an injection of rabies immune globulin and another injection of rabies vaccine as soon as possible after the bite or exposure to saliva from an infected animal.
2. CDC is an additional vaccine from 2010 and onwards for the patients of rabies, which is to be given on day 3rd,7th and 14th after exposure.

Rabies Prevention :

The best and easy way to prevent rabies in a country is to prevent the animals from getting rabies, the complete rabies cycle vaccine should be given to the animals and in this way the rabies will be minimize itself and the people will also be automatically prevented from rabies.

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