Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Adenoma is a benign tumor that develops from epithelial tissues, it is also found in colon it is often referred to as adenomatous polyps, mostly adenomas are not cancerous but they have ability to become cancerous. No doubt they left a noticeable effect where ever they target in the body that organ show that it is affected by adenoma and is quite uncomfortable for the individual. There are many types of adenomas that are common in women, such as adenomas of liver, colon adenoma which is more common in adults of growing age.

Causes of Adenoma:

The cause of adenoma are yet unknown.

Types of Adenoma:

There are three types of adenomas:
1. Tubular.
2. Tubulovillous.
3. Villous.

Symptoms of Adenoma:

1. Bloody cough.
2. Itching.
3. Bleeding.
4. Shortness of breath.
5. Chills.
6. Fatigue.
There are many unfound symptoms of this disease as well.
There could be many other unknown and unseen symptoms as well that can be seen vary widely.

Diagnosis of Adenoma:

1. By collecting urine samples.
2. By blood tests.
3. Ultra sound imaging.
4. CT scan.
5. Biopsy.
6. MRI.

Treatment of Adenoma:

The treatment usually involves the removal of adenoma although such types of medication can also be used to treat symptoms of this disease as well.


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