Sunday, May 27, 2012


Wrinkles is not a disease nor any virus or bacteria but wrinkle appears on a human being as well as on animals as the age passes through, wrinkles are also considered as the sign of maturity, these wrinkles are also seen on the fingers when a person take more time in swimming pool or water.

Causes of Wrinkles:

* The main cause is the age factor and majority of people get wrinkles on skin when they cross 60-65 years of age.
* Smoking is another cause of having wrinkles on skin.
* Taking enough sun bath can also cause it.
* Heredity.
* Drinking less amount of water.
* People who works in sun exposure areas like golf course, grounds often get wrinkles.

How to prevent Wrinkles:

One should follow these steps in order to stay away with it.
*  One should use full sleeves shirts, hats or caps and other necessary dress which can prevent from direct sun light.
* Quit smoking as it is cause of dozens of other dangerous diseases as well.
* Drink enough water so that your skin does not get dry and can dehydration.

Wrinkles Treatment:

The wrinkles treatment include some creams and medicines, you cannot say that you can 100% get rid of these wrinkles but some.


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