Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ringworm Disease

There are many types of skin diseases, some are harmful and some are less harmful, no disease in the world gives advantage, as the Ringworm is also a skin disorder which is also know as Tinea it happens with skin fungi, it also has some types. This disease is not caused by Ringworm ( insects ) but the name is derived from the shape of the affected area, as the spots are round and red in color. (Like you can see in the image)

Ringworm can mostly occur to any age of people but the rate in children is more than adults,
Ringworm can be caused to another person through swimming pool water, dusty gloves or shoes, and places having lots of dust and sewerage water.
A person can cause this disease from another person by touching the affected area or using his day to day things like cums, brushes, cloths etc. The affected area itches a lot when this disease occurs and the only way to cure is to use anti-fungal medicines.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Naegleria Fowleri

Naegleria Fowleri is a deadly virus, which is mostly found in discharged soil mostly found near industries and in fresh warm water, it causes infection in human brain and results in severe condition of a person who causes this virus, the entrance of this virus is mainly through nose, when people swim or dives in swimming pools, lakes, rivers etc Naegleria fowleri virus directly enters into the nose part and causes a severe infection.
Once a person gets this virus, its is very difficult to survive as the ratio of dead after getting this virus is 95%.
Few cases of this virus are reported in USA, UK, New Zealand each year.

Symptoms of Naegleria Fowleri:

After getting into the brain of a person Naegleria Fowleri virus takes around 1-2 weeks to show its presence, victim feels change in smell, taste, vomiting and fever are also reported.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Wrinkles is not a disease nor any virus or bacteria but wrinkle appears on a human being as well as on animals as the age passes through, wrinkles are also considered as the sign of maturity, these wrinkles are also seen on the fingers when a person take more time in swimming pool or water.

Causes of Wrinkles:

* The main cause is the age factor and majority of people get wrinkles on skin when they cross 60-65 years of age.
* Smoking is another cause of having wrinkles on skin.
* Taking enough sun bath can also cause it.
* Heredity.
* Drinking less amount of water.
* People who works in sun exposure areas like golf course, grounds often get wrinkles.

How to prevent Wrinkles:

One should follow these steps in order to stay away with it.
*  One should use full sleeves shirts, hats or caps and other necessary dress which can prevent from direct sun light.
* Quit smoking as it is cause of dozens of other dangerous diseases as well.
* Drink enough water so that your skin does not get dry and can dehydration.

Wrinkles Treatment:

The wrinkles treatment include some creams and medicines, you cannot say that you can 100% get rid of these wrinkles but some.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome is an inherited disease which damages the connective tissue of the body. the most abundant tissue in the body are the connective tissues and is a vital component to supporting the body's organs.
It provide the body with support and strength to tendons, cartilages, heart valves, and to many other parts of the body, another main function of connective tissues is to strengthen and elasticity of blood valves.
Because the connective tissues are present in the whole body, Marfan syndrome can affect many parts, including the bones, skin, heart and blood vessels, nervous system, lungs and of its major effected part  is aorta it can badly effect aorta.

Causes of Marfan Syndrome:

1. It is caused due to defect in gene.
2. Mostly this disease is inherited. It can take place similarly in men and women and can be inherited from only one parent having this marfan syndrome disease.

Diagnosis of Marfan Syndrome

1. The doctors or experts can take physical exam of eyes, heart, muscle, blood vessels and of skeletal system.
2. They also can take the ECG (electrocardiogram), some x-rays like Chest X-Ray, Echocardiogram and some other tests like CT-Scan and MRI, because they are helpful in diagnosing this disease.

Symptoms of Marfan Syndrome:

The symptoms of marfan syndrome are not yet clearly known but their are some signs through which one can feel it like a person feeling gracelessness in bones, some organs of body not functioning properly, In some cases a person feels fatigue,pain throughout the body or in some organs, loss of appetite and heart blockage.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Rosacea is another disease of skin which causes redness and pimples on the body of human being and specially it appears on  forehead , cheeks, chin, and nose parts. This redness can frequently appear or suddenly disappear. Specialists also call rosacea as "adult acne" because rosacea may cause outbreaks which looks same like acne.
It can be embarrassing sometimes or in the case it is untreated than it will get worst and worst day by day.

Causes of Rosacea:
1. Its main causes are unknown up till now.
2. It may be genetically.
3. Those people who are infected by complexion are seem to be more are seem to be more infected by rosacea.
4. Rosacea often happens when something causes the blood vessels in the face to expand, which causes redness on face.

Symptoms of Rosacea:
1. The red veins which are present on the skin of a person are clearly seen like the web of a spider.
2. Flushed face.
3. Feeling hot or burning on the skin.
4. Itching
5. Itching or sensations on the skin whenever victim apply creams, lotions or medicines.

Treatment of Rosacea:
1. Antibiotics may help.
2. Antibiotic creams are also advised by experts.
3. Surgery may help.
4. Some creams or soaps may be advised by the experts.
5. No one should use severly hot water on body it will result in dryness and can get effected by rosacea.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Graves Disease

Graves disease is a thyroid condition which affects the gland in a way that the gland results in abnormal over activity and the thyroid of a person starts producing huge amount of hormones.This disease is one of the main cause of hyperthyroidism, it includes nervousness, anxiety, fatigue, bulging eyes, weight loss, hypertension and irritability. Sometimes the complications may lead to life threatening risks.
Graves' disease is more common in women than in men specially in USA. People over the age of 50 who have hypertension or atherosclerosis are at severe risk for developing Graves' disease. Graves' disease is also the most common autoimmune diseases, affecting 13 million people and targeting women seven times as often as men.

Symptoms of Grave’s Disease:

1. Shaky hands.
2. Diarrhea.
3. Weight loss.
4. Tremors.
5. Lack of sleep.
6. Sweating.
7. Fatigue.
8. Irritability.
9. Rapid heart rate.

Diagnosis of Grave’s disease:

A blood test is usually performed to check levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and the thyroid hormone thyroxine. If Low levels of TSH and high levels of thyroxine is found then only this disease can be diagnosed.

Treatment of grave's disease:

There is no way to prevent Graves' disease, high level of thyroid glands can be rolled back to the normal level taking regular medicines and by monitoring disease.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Adenoma is a benign tumor that develops from epithelial tissues, it is also found in colon it is often referred to as adenomatous polyps, mostly adenomas are not cancerous but they have ability to become cancerous. No doubt they left a noticeable effect where ever they target in the body that organ show that it is affected by adenoma and is quite uncomfortable for the individual. There are many types of adenomas that are common in women, such as adenomas of liver, colon adenoma which is more common in adults of growing age.

Causes of Adenoma:

The cause of adenoma are yet unknown.

Types of Adenoma:

There are three types of adenomas:
1. Tubular.
2. Tubulovillous.
3. Villous.

Symptoms of Adenoma:

1. Bloody cough.
2. Itching.
3. Bleeding.
4. Shortness of breath.
5. Chills.
6. Fatigue.
There are many unfound symptoms of this disease as well.
There could be many other unknown and unseen symptoms as well that can be seen vary widely.

Diagnosis of Adenoma:

1. By collecting urine samples.
2. By blood tests.
3. Ultra sound imaging.
4. CT scan.
5. Biopsy.
6. MRI.

Treatment of Adenoma:

The treatment usually involves the removal of adenoma although such types of medication can also be used to treat symptoms of this disease as well.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Ebola is a deadly virus, the word "Ebola" comes from a name of Ebola River which lies in the northern parts of Congo, Africa, Ebola was first appeared somewhere in 1975-1976, it belongs to the family Filoviridae, which is causative for a severe and sometimes deadly viral hemorrhagic fever, it is mostly found in the animal family of monkeys such as gorillas and chimpanzees, some human beings have also got this virus as well. It is a fatal disease, In an ordinary person the fatality ranges are about 45 to 85 percent, the infections caused by ebola virus are severly acute.

Symptoms of Ebola Virus:

Some of the main symptoms of this ebola virus are:

1. Fever.
2. Headaches.
3. Rash.
4. Profuse hemorrages.
5. The incubation period Ebola HF ranges from 2 to 21 days.
6. Sore throat.
7. Stomach pain.
8. Diarrhea.
9. Vomiting.
10. Muscles and joint pains
11. Internal bleedings.
12. Hiccups.

How this Disease Spread:

1. Ebola is often spread to other people through families and friends of patient, because these people come close to contact with such secretions when caring for infected persons or also with touch of infected needles and objects related to a patient.
2. If used needles or syringes of infected person are reused by any other person then ebola can grow in more people.

Ebola Diagnosis:

1. There are some tests envolved in diagnosing this virus, like ELISA test, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) etc. 

Ebola Treatment:

Doctors and specialist usually try to balance the fluids and electrolytes of patient, they also maintain their oxygen status and blood pressure, and treat them for any other infections.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Meningitis is also a very bad and disturbing disease, mostly it is caused by the viruses or some type of bacteria's but some people may be caused by the certain medications and illnesses which are caused due to some other problems, there are two types of meningitis,
1. Viral meningitis
2. Bacterial meningitis
Bacterial meningitis is rare but it is life threatening if it is not treated well and on time. Whereas Viral meningitis is relatively common and far less serious it often remains undiagnosed because it is similar to the common flu.
If vaccinations are being given on time the meningitis can be treated successfully.

Causes of Meningitis:
1. They are linked with routine illnesses which is caused by any ordinary work.
2. Bacteria and viruses which spoils the skin and other systems of body.
3. It may cause head trauma or other types of local infections in a persons body.

Symptoms of Meningitis:
1. Fever.
2. Fatigue.
3. Headaches.
4. Stiff neck.
5. Illness.
6. Skin rashes.
7. Seizures.
8. Lethargy.
9. Irritability.
10. Eye sensitivity.
11. Photo-phobia.

Treatment of Meningitis:
1. One should see doctor if any of the symptoms found which are given above.
2. The patients should be kept is hospital in order to get proper treatment on time.
3. Intravenous (IV) antibiotics are really helpful in treating this disease.
4. Some diseases and conditions like sweating, fever and vomiting can play a vital role in reducing inflammation of the meninges which totally depends upon meningitis's level.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Anthrax is one of the deadly infectious disease, mostly the animals are affected by it, it attacks ruminants in most cases in which horses, cattle, sheep and goat are in huge quantity all around the globe, humans can catch this disease as well and the main cause of getting this disease is contacting with animals, now a days this infectious disease is getting and grasping more attention towards treatment, its diagnosis and research as compared to some years back when there was nothing.

Causes of anthrax:
1. It is caused by an infectious bacterium.

Some ways by which it can effect humans:
1. A person can get this disease through parts of skin where he / she may get injury and got healed by it without any proper treatment.
2. Through carcasses of dead animals that have been contaminated with anthrax it may be fatal for a life.
3. One of the deadliest cause of this diseases is through inhalation anthrax. If the spores of anthrax are inhaled by a person, which directly travels to the lungs of a person and where this bacteria creates some more bacteria.

Causes of anthrax:

Anthrax may cause some diseases which are as below:
1. Inhalation anthrax
2. Cutaneous anthrax
3. Gastrointestinal anthrax
Diagnosis of anthrax:

It may be easily diagnosed by following method:
1. Through skin.
2. Through chest x-ray.
3. Through stool or blood tests.

Treatment of anthrax:

1. The skin anthrax can be treated by the penicillin, tetracycline, erythromycin, and ciprofloxacin (Cipro) easily.
2. A vaccine is available for treating anthrax but before that human welfare or human healths organizations should be reported about it so as they can research and treat that.
3. Anthrax is treated by antibiotics.


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