Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blue Babies

Blue babies syndrome is an environmental caused disease in children. It is also called methemoglobinemia, it causes when the blood of an infant is unable to carry enough rewired amount of oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body. It is caused by a increased level of methemoglobin which lies in the blood.
Methemoglobin is a non oxygen carrying enzyme which is produced in body continually, it is converted into haemoglobin. The amount of haemoglobin reduces due to the Methemoglobin. The blue babies is a environmental cause, basically the color of the baby soon after or after sometime becomes bluish in color due to lack of oxygen in heart and blood.

Causes Of Blue Babies :

Blue baby syndrome is caused by several congenital heart defects which results in low supply of oxygen along with blood in the body and the abnormal flow of the blood from right to left shunt causes baby to turn blue in color. Other causes are :
1. Baby health condition.
2. Skin conditions.
3. Respiratory condition.

Symptoms Of Blue Babies :

1. Blueness in baby’s body.
2. Weakness and lack of blood.
3. Cyanosis.
4. Respiratory problems.
5. Circulation defects.
6. Heartbeat resonance abnormal.

Treatment Methods Of Blue Babies :

1. The foremost and first option doctors avail after blue baby is diagnosed in a baby they go for the heart surgery to pump the blood in balanced manner through the shunts of the heart.
2. Secondly the supply of oxygen while performing the heart surgery is necessary.
3. Treating cyanosis is very compulsory.
4. Many of the babies died after the heart surgery but now the treatment of blue babies is well known by the doctors.

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