Monday, July 12, 2010

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus, which is often referred to as Diabetes, is a metabolic diseases, in which a person has high blood sugar, this condition happens with two major causes, first one is : if a persons body does not produce enough insulin required by body or if the cells of human body does not respond to the insulin that is produced by the body.
There are three types of of diabetes, and all types have been treatable since 1921 onwards when Insulin become available, Diabetes approximately affects more than 18 million people in the world.
It is the third leading diseases which causes death in USA after Heart Disease and Cancer.

Symptoms Of Diabetes :

The main symptoms of diabetes which a persons feels are :
1. Increased thirst ( which is also known as polydispia )
2. Increased hunger ( which is also known as polyphagia )
3. Frequent Urination ( which is also known as polyuria )

Causes Of Diabetes :

In short, insufficient production of insulin in the human body causes this deadly disease. Some people might have this disease genetically or by heritage.

Diagnosis Of Diabetes :

The best and simple way to diagnose diabetes is through fasting blood glucose ( SUGAR ) test, which one can easily test from any dispensary or medical center and it is not much costly, this can also be tested from a glucose meter.


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