Sunday, September 19, 2010


Eczema is an ordinary term for many types of skin inflammation (outer layer of skin) which is also knows as Dermatitis. Eczema has also got different types. In England more than 60 Lac people have been diagnosed with this diseases. Eczema is usually connected with rashes which has got following symptoms.

Symptoms Of Eczema :

Redness of skin, skin swelling, blistering, itches and burns, bleeding and dry skin.
It usually appears in the head, arms, under elbows, neck and scalp.

Diagnosis Of Eczema :

Eczema is mostly diagnosed with the help of Biopsy of skin, skin allergy tests and up till there are no any specific blood test to diagnose this disease.

Prevention Of Eczema :

Following steps are necessary to avoid eczema :
1. People who have got Eczema in their family background are advised not to take any small pox vaccination. Because it contains some specific virus which is not good for Eczema.
2. Avoid over bathing.
3. Wearing gloves which can help one while working in water.
4. One should wear loose clothes in order to be protected.


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