Monday, May 31, 2010

Risks of Laser Eye Surgery

The eyes needs extreme care because it is a
fragile organ. The laser eye treatment is very popular but most people are not aware of its risks and it costs thousands of dollars. Before going for the laser eye surgery it is better to understand the risks and complications involved in laser surgery. There are lot of risks involved in laser eye surgery some of them are.

Loss of vision and infection : There is no statistics of complete loss of vision after undergoing the eye surgery but there are some stats and reports of partial loss of eye vision after surgery. The chance of infection is 0.1 percent this usually happened from lack of care after the laser eye surgery.

Eye dry : Another risk of laser eye surgery is eye dry it is most common risk of laser surgery and most common in people who have history or background of dry eye.

Halo effect or Night glare : Some pupils experienced the halo or night glare effect after laser eye surgery it is basically a optical effect which can be noticed while driving in night some patients see round lights and worse after eye surgery when driving mostly in night.

Results diminished with age : It is also reported that the results of the laser eye surgery diminished with the age this is very big problem for the far sighted patients.

Delay in healing : It is very rare risk of laser eye surgery it is connected with the patients which have any previous eye diseases.

Under correction or over correction : The chances of hundred percent successful operations are not enough high that is why there is always a risk involved in laser eye surgery its totally depends on the doctor and the way your eye heal after operation so this is another big risk in laser surgery.

There are alarming risks involved in eye laser surgery so it is very advisable that before going for laser surgery always try to look towards its complications and risks.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The activities which we use to perform every day can give some disadvantages
to our eye sight. Like working on computer all day long, reading different materials,
and writing requires a lot of concentration and eye attention creates high chances to
feel your eyes tired. The modern technology is putting more and more stress on our eye
sight day by day. Recent studies shows that most peoples are facing the problems like
eye sight weakness and eye disorders in early ages. It is better to take care of your
eyes at early ages by acting on some tips and advises you can take good care of your
eyes and can save your eyes from different problems.

1. Go must go for the eyes check in every 12 months.
2. Always follow the medication suggested by your doctor because it can minimize the
risk of eye problems.
3. Keep changing your contact lenses in every 6 months ( If you use lenses ) and wash
them once in a week. Otherwise i suggest you not to use contact lenses because they are
not good for eyes always use best quality glasses.
4. Always wear sunglasses if you are going out in a shiny day because it will prevent
you from sunlight.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is the disease caused to a human by a transmitting of mosquito namely Aedes albopictus mosquito, this mosquito bits in daylight time and in evening time ( sunrise and sunset ), it can also be caused by four viruses of serotypes, This disease is also known as Break Bone Fever or Dandy Fever, the victim of this disease can get dengue fever multiple times.
According to World Health Organization, "more than 50 million people caused this disease each year", people are facing this disease in more than 100 countries, in which Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Guyana, India, Jamaica and some African countries are top of the list.

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever :

The symptoms of this disease are fever, bleeding from nose, rash, black stools, gastritis, abdominal pain, nausea and some others also.
This fever stays for three to seven days.

Dengue Prevention :

It is better to cure before getting any kind of disease, so in order to be prevented from this disease, follow these simple steps.
1. One should use sprays that protect this mosquito to develop once in a week.
2. Always cover water storage equipments and do not let water to stay.
3. Always close windows and doors at early morning and in evening time.
4. Wear full sleeves shirts and long pants.
5. Use nets while sleeping.

Until now there is no vaccine discovered to protect this disease.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Glaucoma is the disease of eye in which the major optic nerve is damaged, which cause loss of vision or sometimes the victim becomes fully blind from eyes. Most of the victims only loss their vision but there are rare cases of blindness. It is second leading cause of blindness after Strabismus.
In America there are more than 300,000 people facing glaucoma, much of the people do not even know that they are facing glaucoma problem because it is not much noticeable.

Symptoms Of Glaucoma :

There are two categories of Glaucoma, one is OPEN ANGLE and the other one is CLOSED ANGLE. Where Open Angle grows slowly and the patient can not feel that he/she has lost eye sight, until glaucoma processed significantly.
Where as Closed Angle grows rapidly and it is often painful, Once the vision of victim is damaged it can not be recovered, Closed Angle Glaucoma is an ophthalmologic emergency.

Causes Of Glaucoma :

Eye of human being is maintained with the pressure which is known as Intraocular pressure, which normally ranges between 8 millimeters and 22 millimeters of mercury, when this pressure lows the eye becomes softer and when it increases eye becomes harder than normal, and through this up and downing of pressure the fibers in the nerve are easily damaged and this is the main cause.
The other cause of Glaucoma is the increased pressure with in the eye, which is also known as Ocular hypertension. Those people who are suffering from myopia are at high risk of getting caught with glaucoma disease.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Thalassemia is a hereditary disease it is so called Autosomal Recessive Blood disease. It is inherited, In thalassemia the genetic defect causes the rate of synthesis of one chain called globin that makes up hemoglobin, the lack of hemoglobin causes anemia that may lead to death.

Types Of Thalassemia :

There are two major types of thalassemia one is minor thalassemia and the other is major thalassemia.the several sub classes of thalassemia are Alpha thalassemias, Beta thalassemias and the Delta thalassemia. These kinds of thalassemia are common in Africa, Greece and Italy. Thalassemias are inherited disorders. That is, they are passed on from parents to their children through genes. People who get abnormal hemoglobin genes from one parent but normal genes from the other are called carriers. Carriers often have no signs of illness other than mild anemia. However, they can pass the abnormal genes on to their children.

Symptoms Of Thalassemia :

Commonly it is seen that thalassemia is mostly found in those place of the world which are humid climates where malaria is generally common. Thalassemia cannot be cured uptill now no such treatment is found to tackle thalassemia, minor thalassemia can be cope up with providing sufficient required amount of purified blood to the patient. mostly it has been seen that the patients do survive in minor thalassemia if they get the proper amount of blood they need at that specific time when their actual blood stops or lack hemoglobin, but when they get the blood they feel better than before and can start their daily routine as before but when their body lacks blood they cannot do any work properly, cannot eat well, cannot sleep, cannot do other basic activites, their body becomes so dull. Certain body muscles and joints looses their rigidity and becomes useless, on the other hand major thalassemia is definitely uncurable and it is more severe than the minor one, in this type of thalassemia the chances of patient to survive are more less than that compare to patient of minor thalassemia patient, they sometimes don’t accept the blood given to them, their body is unable to produce hemoglobin even in a few in amount.

Causes Of Thalassemia :

The causes of thalasseima are following (1) sometimes by interpersonal marriages (that is, two person married to same family blood for e.g if they are first cousins than there are more chances for them to have thalassemia in one or two of their children) (2) by inheritance if some one in family had thalasseima in past than there are more chances for the next generation to have thalassemia in any one of them. (3) the parents can transfer thalassemia to their kids through their gene.


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