Saturday, November 27, 2010

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) or hypertension means high pressure (tension) in the arteries. Arteries are the vessels that carry blood from the heart pumping all tissues and organs in the body. High blood pressure does not mean excessive emotional tension, although emotional tension and stress can temporarily increase blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is less than 120 on high level and 80 minimum; blood pressure between 120 and 80 and 139 / 89 is called "prehypertension"and a blood pressure of 140 and 90 or higher is considered high.

The top number, systolic pressure, represents the pressure in the arteries as the heart contracts and pumps blood forward into the arteries. The bottom number, diastolic pressure, represents the pressure in the arteries as the heart relaxes after contraction. The diastolic pressure reflects the lowest pressure at which the arteries are exposed.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure :

There are two forms of hypertension: essential (or commonly primary) hypertension and secondary hypertension. Essential hypertension is a condition which is much more common and accounts for 95% of hypertension. The cause of essential hypertension is multi factorial, that is, there are several factors whose combined effects are of hypertension. In secondary hypertension, accounting for almost 5% of hypertension, hypertension is secondary to (OR caused by) a specific abnormality in one of the organs or body systems. (secondary hypertension is discussed in a separate section).
Essential hypertension affects approximately 70+ millions Americans, but its basic causes or underlying defects are not always known. Nevertheless, some associations have been detected in people with essential hypertension

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure :

Hypertension usually occurs without symptoms (silent) and if hypertension has been called "the silent killer. " It is so named because the disease can progress and eventually develop one or more of the many life-threatening complications of hypertension such as heart attacks or strokes. Uncomplicated hypertension may be present and remain undetected for many years, even decades. What happens when there are no symptoms are found, and those affected then fails to undergo periodic screening for high blood pressure.
Some of the important symptoms of high blood pressure are headache, feeling shorter breath, feeling blur in vision ( blurred vision ) etc.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Skin Rash

First of all i would like to tell you that Skin Rash is not any particular disease, it means only the changing in skin or rashes from which someone feels difference in skin, so doctors and experts do not call it any disease like Mesothelioma or Diarrhea etc.

Rashes are not dangerous to human being else they take position of chickenpox or allergic spots.
There are many types of rashes and they have their treatment according to their conditions.
Some of them are Allergic Drug Rash, Viral Rash, Bacterial Rash, Hives, Lime Rash etc.

Their care is must and one should not itch on the infected part.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dengue Fever In Pakistan

Now a days, more than 1000 people are facing this deadly disease and are admitted in hospitals of Pakistan. Sindh and some regions of Punjab are effected with this Virus...
Certain MEGA PLATELETS are provided by ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL free of cost in Karachi.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Valuable Information For Sufferer of Mesothelioma

If someone is fighting for his/her life, its best for them to pick something best, and thats why when someone decides that he/she has to hire attorney to fight against the injustice for the cause of mesothelioma, thus it is so much necessary that someone hires a well known mesothelioma lawyer, who knows each and every thing regarding the situation. As you all know that the lawyers of mesothelioma in San Diego, Pennsylvania, New York and Los Angeles are well known and can solve the case but first one should check the fess also.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Eczema is an ordinary term for many types of skin inflammation (outer layer of skin) which is also knows as Dermatitis. Eczema has also got different types. In England more than 60 Lac people have been diagnosed with this diseases. Eczema is usually connected with rashes which has got following symptoms.

Symptoms Of Eczema :

Redness of skin, skin swelling, blistering, itches and burns, bleeding and dry skin.
It usually appears in the head, arms, under elbows, neck and scalp.

Diagnosis Of Eczema :

Eczema is mostly diagnosed with the help of Biopsy of skin, skin allergy tests and up till there are no any specific blood test to diagnose this disease.

Prevention Of Eczema :

Following steps are necessary to avoid eczema :
1. People who have got Eczema in their family background are advised not to take any small pox vaccination. Because it contains some specific virus which is not good for Eczema.
2. Avoid over bathing.
3. Wearing gloves which can help one while working in water.
4. One should wear loose clothes in order to be protected.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hepatitis A

As you all know that Hepatitis A is a liver disease, it is very painful disease in which results in red swelling, when the tissues of body become infected or injured, it can cause organs not to work properly as before, this HAV virus can be passed easily to other human body, and the countries where their is poor hygiene standard have more chances of getting infected with this virus.

Signs And Symptoms of Hepatitis A :

Small children under age of 10 have often no symptoms at all but adults have symptoms like, fever, fatigue, diarhhea, tiredness, stomach pain, dark yellow urine, weight loss etc

Diagnosis Of Hepatitis A :

The only way up till now is through Blood Test, they can only show that which type of hepatitis someone have.

Prevention Of Hepatitis A :

The best prevention is through taking Hepatitis A Vaccine, other things that one should follow is to take good hygiene and sanitation, before traveling to other countries one should check that whether that country has got more Hepatitis Virus or not, for countries like Mexico one should first take shots ( vaccines ) of Hepatitis A and then move.

Treatments For Hepatitis A :

Their is no formal treatment for Hepatitis A patients, but doctors advices them to take full rest and avoid drinking cold drinks and alcohol, avoid using fatty foods.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus, which is often referred to as Diabetes, is a metabolic diseases, in which a person has high blood sugar, this condition happens with two major causes, first one is : if a persons body does not produce enough insulin required by body or if the cells of human body does not respond to the insulin that is produced by the body.
There are three types of of diabetes, and all types have been treatable since 1921 onwards when Insulin become available, Diabetes approximately affects more than 18 million people in the world.
It is the third leading diseases which causes death in USA after Heart Disease and Cancer.

Symptoms Of Diabetes :

The main symptoms of diabetes which a persons feels are :
1. Increased thirst ( which is also known as polydispia )
2. Increased hunger ( which is also known as polyphagia )
3. Frequent Urination ( which is also known as polyuria )

Causes Of Diabetes :

In short, insufficient production of insulin in the human body causes this deadly disease. Some people might have this disease genetically or by heritage.

Diagnosis Of Diabetes :

The best and simple way to diagnose diabetes is through fasting blood glucose ( SUGAR ) test, which one can easily test from any dispensary or medical center and it is not much costly, this can also be tested from a glucose meter.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Low Back Pain

When ever we stand, the lower back helps in supporting the weight of upper body and when ever we bend, rotate, or extend the lower back performs the function of movement. So the lower back performs the main function of whole body without it we can not do anything.
Lower back Pain is a common musculoskeletal disorder which affects more than 85% people of the world at some point in their lives, It is one of the biggest cause for more sick leaves and absentees from offices, industries or any sector. Its duration is different according to each case, but it usually takes a week or two in recovering.

Causes Of Low Back Pain :

Main causes of low back pain are :
Lumbar Strain, Posture, Spinal Stenosis, Nerve Irritation, Expanding of bones, Bones Or Joint Conditions, Fractures, Arthritis, Leg Lenth Difference, Ovary Problems, Kidney Problems, Use of too hard or too soft mattresses while sleeping etc.

Diagnosis For Low Back Pain :

Doctors or specialists advice the victim to test X RAY or CT Scan of lower back side.

Treatment For Low Back Pain :

Treatments are given to victims according to their pain level or category, some of the treatments are as :
1. Massage Therapy can be a quick beneficial for patients.
2. Yoga postures can also benefit patient.
3. Heating the lower back side may also result in relief, some times cold therapy is also advised.
4. Some unique kinds of shoes are also provided to the victim.

Surgery can also be advised to the patient if one's health is critical.

Prevention :

These simple steps can be taken in order to be prevented from lower back pain :

1. Protect back side from injury.
2. Routine exercise like cycling, weight lifting, swimming, walking can also prevent one from lower back pain.
3. One should adobe good postures in order to be protected.
4. Never lift heavy objects individually but take help from someone.
5. Eat healthy diet like Vitamin D, which helps in strengthening of bones.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Risks of Laser Eye Surgery

The eyes needs extreme care because it is a
fragile organ. The laser eye treatment is very popular but most people are not aware of its risks and it costs thousands of dollars. Before going for the laser eye surgery it is better to understand the risks and complications involved in laser surgery. There are lot of risks involved in laser eye surgery some of them are.

Loss of vision and infection : There is no statistics of complete loss of vision after undergoing the eye surgery but there are some stats and reports of partial loss of eye vision after surgery. The chance of infection is 0.1 percent this usually happened from lack of care after the laser eye surgery.

Eye dry : Another risk of laser eye surgery is eye dry it is most common risk of laser surgery and most common in people who have history or background of dry eye.

Halo effect or Night glare : Some pupils experienced the halo or night glare effect after laser eye surgery it is basically a optical effect which can be noticed while driving in night some patients see round lights and worse after eye surgery when driving mostly in night.

Results diminished with age : It is also reported that the results of the laser eye surgery diminished with the age this is very big problem for the far sighted patients.

Delay in healing : It is very rare risk of laser eye surgery it is connected with the patients which have any previous eye diseases.

Under correction or over correction : The chances of hundred percent successful operations are not enough high that is why there is always a risk involved in laser eye surgery its totally depends on the doctor and the way your eye heal after operation so this is another big risk in laser surgery.

There are alarming risks involved in eye laser surgery so it is very advisable that before going for laser surgery always try to look towards its complications and risks.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The activities which we use to perform every day can give some disadvantages
to our eye sight. Like working on computer all day long, reading different materials,
and writing requires a lot of concentration and eye attention creates high chances to
feel your eyes tired. The modern technology is putting more and more stress on our eye
sight day by day. Recent studies shows that most peoples are facing the problems like
eye sight weakness and eye disorders in early ages. It is better to take care of your
eyes at early ages by acting on some tips and advises you can take good care of your
eyes and can save your eyes from different problems.

1. Go must go for the eyes check in every 12 months.
2. Always follow the medication suggested by your doctor because it can minimize the
risk of eye problems.
3. Keep changing your contact lenses in every 6 months ( If you use lenses ) and wash
them once in a week. Otherwise i suggest you not to use contact lenses because they are
not good for eyes always use best quality glasses.
4. Always wear sunglasses if you are going out in a shiny day because it will prevent
you from sunlight.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is the disease caused to a human by a transmitting of mosquito namely Aedes albopictus mosquito, this mosquito bits in daylight time and in evening time ( sunrise and sunset ), it can also be caused by four viruses of serotypes, This disease is also known as Break Bone Fever or Dandy Fever, the victim of this disease can get dengue fever multiple times.
According to World Health Organization, "more than 50 million people caused this disease each year", people are facing this disease in more than 100 countries, in which Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Guyana, India, Jamaica and some African countries are top of the list.

Symptoms Of Dengue Fever :

The symptoms of this disease are fever, bleeding from nose, rash, black stools, gastritis, abdominal pain, nausea and some others also.
This fever stays for three to seven days.

Dengue Prevention :

It is better to cure before getting any kind of disease, so in order to be prevented from this disease, follow these simple steps.
1. One should use sprays that protect this mosquito to develop once in a week.
2. Always cover water storage equipments and do not let water to stay.
3. Always close windows and doors at early morning and in evening time.
4. Wear full sleeves shirts and long pants.
5. Use nets while sleeping.

Until now there is no vaccine discovered to protect this disease.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Glaucoma is the disease of eye in which the major optic nerve is damaged, which cause loss of vision or sometimes the victim becomes fully blind from eyes. Most of the victims only loss their vision but there are rare cases of blindness. It is second leading cause of blindness after Strabismus.
In America there are more than 300,000 people facing glaucoma, much of the people do not even know that they are facing glaucoma problem because it is not much noticeable.

Symptoms Of Glaucoma :

There are two categories of Glaucoma, one is OPEN ANGLE and the other one is CLOSED ANGLE. Where Open Angle grows slowly and the patient can not feel that he/she has lost eye sight, until glaucoma processed significantly.
Where as Closed Angle grows rapidly and it is often painful, Once the vision of victim is damaged it can not be recovered, Closed Angle Glaucoma is an ophthalmologic emergency.

Causes Of Glaucoma :

Eye of human being is maintained with the pressure which is known as Intraocular pressure, which normally ranges between 8 millimeters and 22 millimeters of mercury, when this pressure lows the eye becomes softer and when it increases eye becomes harder than normal, and through this up and downing of pressure the fibers in the nerve are easily damaged and this is the main cause.
The other cause of Glaucoma is the increased pressure with in the eye, which is also known as Ocular hypertension. Those people who are suffering from myopia are at high risk of getting caught with glaucoma disease.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Thalassemia is a hereditary disease it is so called Autosomal Recessive Blood disease. It is inherited, In thalassemia the genetic defect causes the rate of synthesis of one chain called globin that makes up hemoglobin, the lack of hemoglobin causes anemia that may lead to death.

Types Of Thalassemia :

There are two major types of thalassemia one is minor thalassemia and the other is major thalassemia.the several sub classes of thalassemia are Alpha thalassemias, Beta thalassemias and the Delta thalassemia. These kinds of thalassemia are common in Africa, Greece and Italy. Thalassemias are inherited disorders. That is, they are passed on from parents to their children through genes. People who get abnormal hemoglobin genes from one parent but normal genes from the other are called carriers. Carriers often have no signs of illness other than mild anemia. However, they can pass the abnormal genes on to their children.

Symptoms Of Thalassemia :

Commonly it is seen that thalassemia is mostly found in those place of the world which are humid climates where malaria is generally common. Thalassemia cannot be cured uptill now no such treatment is found to tackle thalassemia, minor thalassemia can be cope up with providing sufficient required amount of purified blood to the patient. mostly it has been seen that the patients do survive in minor thalassemia if they get the proper amount of blood they need at that specific time when their actual blood stops or lack hemoglobin, but when they get the blood they feel better than before and can start their daily routine as before but when their body lacks blood they cannot do any work properly, cannot eat well, cannot sleep, cannot do other basic activites, their body becomes so dull. Certain body muscles and joints looses their rigidity and becomes useless, on the other hand major thalassemia is definitely uncurable and it is more severe than the minor one, in this type of thalassemia the chances of patient to survive are more less than that compare to patient of minor thalassemia patient, they sometimes don’t accept the blood given to them, their body is unable to produce hemoglobin even in a few in amount.

Causes Of Thalassemia :

The causes of thalasseima are following (1) sometimes by interpersonal marriages (that is, two person married to same family blood for e.g if they are first cousins than there are more chances for them to have thalassemia in one or two of their children) (2) by inheritance if some one in family had thalasseima in past than there are more chances for the next generation to have thalassemia in any one of them. (3) the parents can transfer thalassemia to their kids through their gene.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Acai Berries

Acai berry is the reddish, purple color fruit, which is found in Central And Southern Parts of United States Of America, this fruit is from the blueberry, strawberry and other berries family, this fruit is very ordinary and one of the important fruits in the world, this fruit has some thing special in them that these acai berries are very important for health diseases and for cancer, as acai berries contains healthy nutrients in them which can increases stamina and energy level of and ordinary human being.
Acai berries is rich of anthocyanin, which is found in almost every purple and blue color of fruits and vegetables.

These berries also help in growing hairs, promote glowing skins, helps in reducing soreness and give quick relief to pain, increase stamina, increase energy.Acai also helps in protection of body's cells and it also reduces the risk of cancer. It is completely a miracle food the recent studies shows that acai berry helps in reducing weight and it is the safest food to eat in the world.
Recent research shows that the nutrients that are in the acai berries can easily kill cancer producing cells as the research team taken some blood of a cancers victim body and put some part of the fruit in to the test tube after some days the tested the blood again and they were shocked that this fruit is so important as acai berries kills the cells of cancer that were in the blood, different doctors and institutions are working more on this great fruit.
This fruit also got high quantity of pulp which has high antioxidant capacity in it, even more capacity then blue berries, straw berries, raspberries and all type of berries.
Acai berries are also used in beauty products, because it has got acai oil, which is used in various facial masks, colour whitening creams, conditioners and some types of beauty soaps.
Acai berries are the only fruit that can help in fighting so much infections and major diseases like cancer and heart problems.

This fruit has not any kind of side effect if you will eat this to a moderate amount but if you will only eat this acai berries more than amount advised by doctors then it will treat you more harming than any fruit.

As this fruit is only available in some parts of America, scientist and farmers are helping to grow this important fruit in other parts of world so more people will take help of this fruit to avoid several diseases.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer. It’s arises from the chest, abdomen and the cells lining. The most common form of mesothelioma is the Pleural other form of mesothelioma are Peritoneal mesothelioma which is less common.
Peritoneal Mesothelioma is also known Abdominal Mesothelioma, more than 250 cases of this disease are diagnosed in United States each year

Mesothelioma is very common in people who worked on jobs and inhale asbestos particles. There is no connection between smoking and mesothelioma like the lung cancer. But smoking can cause the other asbestos induced cancers. There are many symptoms of mesothelioma which includes chest pain, Fatigue or anemia, Wheezing or cough, shortness of breath and weight loss.

Symptoms Of Mesothelioma :

The major symptoms of mesothelioma include Mass in the abdomen,the patient also gets continuous dry cough, feels abdominal pain and problems in bowel function.
Other symptoms may include :
fatigue ( feeling lack of energy ),dysphagia, anemia(reduction in red blood cells),fever, the victims body feels loss in weight, feeling pain under the rib cage etc,feeling pain in the chest.

Diagnosis Of Mesothelioma :

The diagnosis of mesothelioma can be done through removal of tissues placed under microscope and pathologist can give a report about it. The other test includes Peritoneoscopy, Thoracoscopy and Biopsy, CT scan, MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging ), X-Ray.

Treatment Of Mesothelioma :

There are many kinds of treatment for the patients who have mesothelioma.The treatment of mesothelioma can be done through Surgery,Gene Therapy Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Multimodality therapy, heated intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy,Pleurodesis, Pneumonectomy and Radiation Therapy. The drugs which are mostly used in mesothelioma are L-NDDP (Platar ), Endostatin and cholesterol drug .

Mesothelioma Lawyer :

Asbestos is the main cause of mesothelioma to occur, it occurs most in those humans who live near to factories as well as those who works in places where there is more asbestos and it happens while more inhaling it.
Nearly thousands of patients passes away from this world due to asbestos manufacturers.
For those in which this disease is diagnosed due to asbestos injury, have legal right to get expenses and funds from the responsible factory or industry, to cover their medical expenses, traveling expenses ( in case going out of country or town ), funeral expenses and other kinds of expenses related to this disease caused by asbestos injury.
A medical lawyer is their to help the victim regarding of getting funds from the responsible manufacturer or factory. So the patient must maintain and keep record of all the treatment to show that to lawyer, then lawyer will treat the case more effectively and with all evidence.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


The word Malaria comes from an Italian word "mala" which means "bad" and "aria" which means "air", So after combining these two words its mean Bad Air.
Malaria is caused by a bite of female Anopheles Mosquito, it happens when the female anopheles mosquito bites someone and sucks the blood of body, after having the blood of the infected person in the body of female mosquito for a week, blood mixes with the malaria parasites.
When the female attacks on the other body after a week or two, she injects the old blood into the body of a new victim and the parasites blood mixes in blood.
After spending some weeks or sometimes month in the liver of the victims bod, the malaria parasites starts multiplying with in the red blood cells, and causes body the symptoms of fever, headache, acne etc.

Each year nearly more than 400 million cases of Malaria found throughout the world, in which 50 to 60 percent cases are found in Sub Saharan Africa.
This disease grows faster in children with the ages of 6-12 years.

Symptoms Of Malaria :

The main symptoms of malaria are :
High Fever, vomiting, headache, sweating, chills, sometimes dry cough and fatigue ( feeling less energy ). These all symptoms occurs in a cycle time to time, and they all have a specific period.

How To Prevent :

This disease can be prevented by using mosquito nets, spraying against mosquitoes inside and outside homes, specially on plants,beds, tables etc, some vaccines are also available in market and by using anti malarial medication.

Diabetes Diet Meal Plan

What is Diabetes ?

Diabetes is a condition in which the person has high blood sugar or it is also known as high glucose level. In this case the body does not produce insulin that are required by the body.

Diet Meal For Diabetic Patients :

If you have diabetes you can control the diabetes through your regular meal without any problem the diet plan you should follow for your meals are as under.

You should take your 1000 to 1300 calories per day which depends upon your body and diabetes level. The doctors preferred to take your meals 2 to 3 times daily. The following plan is for 1200 calories daily.

Day 1 :

In breakfast you should take 1 glass fat free milk, two slice toasted with light cheese and one egg fried in olive oil.

After breakfast you can take a snack in which you can eat 1 banana or 20 almonds.

In Lunch you should take vegetable soup, plate of salad, and one apple. Also you can take one cup coffee or tea. Green tea is very useful in diabetes.

In dinner you can take one cup beans, one small piece of chicken or turkey fried in olive oil and little salad.

Day 2 :

In 2nd day you can change your menu

In breakfast : 2 pieces toasted bread with margarine, one glass juice without sugar and one cup yogurt.

In snacks : 1 orange or any low calorie fruit.

In Lunch : 1 plate salad, tomato slices, grilled shrimps but only 3 to 4 pieces and mustard.

In dinner : chicken breast, beef barley soup, one cup low fat milk and some straw berries.

Day 3 :

Breakfast : 1 small bran muffin, orange or mango juice, 2 toasted bread pieces and some fruits.

Snacks : 1 small guava

Lunch : 1 plate of boiled rice with 1 breast chicken roasted.

Dinner : 1 plate salad with maze and small pizza.

Day 4 :

In breakfast : half cup oatmeal with skim milk and cheese.

Snack : sandwich

Lunch : you can take 1 plate rice with fried fish and plate of salad.

Dinner : 1 piece of roasted fish with tuna salad and mixed green salad

Day 5 :

In breakfast : 1 boiled or egg omelet with two pieces of toasted bread pieces and 1 cup of milk or fruit juice.

Snack : You can take some fruit shake.

Lunch : Roasted beef sandwich with green salad and fried fish.

Dinner : stream cauliflower with one cup milk and crunchy yogurt.

These are the best meals for the diabetes patients because it will help them to take healthy and full of energy diets it is very advisable for diabetes patients to eat salad because green vegetables help them to maintain their wait and diet. Remember to exercise everyday and eat 8 to 10 glass of water every day. The above mentioned diet plan will help you in controlling diabetes a lot.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nail infection is very common. It causes thickened and unsightly nails which is very painful. Toenails are most infected as compare to other finger nails. Fungal nails are most common in old aged peoples and it is also very common in peoples who uses communal swimming pools, shoes, and athletes.
More than 5% of adults throughout the world suffers this infection.

Causes Of Fungal Nail :

The most common causes of fungal infections are damage nails, scratch of nails, humid climate, diabetics and smoking, working in humid environment, wearing tight or small shoes,
Some people may also have this disease genetically ( from forefathers).

Treatment Of Fungal Nail :

The treatment of fungal nails takes too long. Oral anti fungal therapy is its first treatment its usually takes 10 to 12 months to see that is it working or not because nails take long time to grow. But it is not sure that your nail will back in shape. creams are usually not effective for fungal nail treatment. Nail lacquer is the best alternative of most type of fungi that affect nails it is very effective you should use it for five to six months for the best results. Fungus nail infection is usually painless at first stage but with time to time the pain starts increasing. Gris is also the best oral way of treatment it can prevent nails from further fungus. Terbinafine is the tablet used for fungal nails. This drug is safe the patient should take this drug for 4 weeks daily to get good results. If other treatments have failed the other option is only removal of the nail through a small operation. The is only happened on the last stage where the possibility of treatment ends.

How To Prevent :

If you want to safe your self from nail fungal it is very important to keep your nails clean all the time keep them short and file down,using anti-fungal medicines,avoid injuries to the nails, keep your feet dry and always use your own shoes and scissor. By acting on above points we can save ourselves from nail fungus.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


What is Hemorrhoid ?

Hemorrhoids is the disease in which the veins around the lower rectum are swallowed and inflamed.

Hemorrhoids Causes :

The main causes of hemorrhoids are diet and sitting in toilet with wrong posture,having anal intercourse, eating bad or too much food or eating too much fiber, will leads to constipation which in result causes hemorrhoid.
Second big factor of this disease is sitting in toilet with wrong posture, some people read newspaper in toilet thinking that it is a modern style but it is very bad.

Hemorrhoids Treatment :

Hemorrhoids is the disease which happens by getting pressure on our lower part veins or you can say portal veins.

As you all know that this disease has several causes to happen, the main causes of this disease are Liver Disease, Constipation,Vomiting, Coughing, Diarrhea, Too Much Fatness In The Body and Some People have born hemorrhoid.

All most every kind of disease or infection has some treatment in every part of world. Hemorrhoids has also got treatment, the sufferer of this disease can get relief through these treatment methods, which i am going write below in points.

1. Drink more than 2 litters of water daily and use mineral water.
2. Doctors advises hemorrhoids patients not to sit more than 1 hour continuously at the same place, change you position every half an hour.
3. There are many creams and liquids for this disease, buy from medical stores after taking doctors advice to get rapid relief.
4. If you are over weight then loose your weight through exercise and other physical activities.
5. Always use quality toilet papers, avoid using rough and cheap toilet papers.
6. Eat more quantity of fiber daily, specially eat fresh green vegetables, because they have got more fiber in them.
7. Use ice to heal the infected place time to time, which has got swelling.
8. Fresh yourself by taking bath several times a day, but do not take bath while standing, use tub or chair.
9. Do not use tight clothes, always wear loose clothes.
10. Always clean you anus with moist toilet paper.

Some doctors use laser procedures to give relief to patients of hemorrhoids, they use electric triggers to shrink the tissues and blood supply of portal vein to avoid more happening of hemorrhoids.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Tinnitus is ringing, swishing or other type of sound originate within the human ear. It is not a disease, it is a symptom which results from some causes. It is very disturbing for peoples who have it. According to a report almost 12 percent of peoples with age of 60 to 75 are affected from tinnitus. It is very common in old aged peoples.

Inner ear and outer ear are most infected areas from it. In some patients it takes a form of whistling, clicking, roaring, humming and ticking sound.
Tinnitus can cause damage to the inner ear and hearing nerve, loud noise exposure is another cause of tinnitus and it can also cause damage to hearing problem as well. Tinnitus can some suddenly without any prior medical problem that is why its is very hard to understand it on early stages it is a case of physician but on first stage one should directly consult to his doctor for taking some advice.

With the complete physical examination, some tests, and complete physical history can help in determining tinnitus. In some cases it there is not treatment for this problem it can go away on its own but in some minor cases it can cause some major problem for ears.

How To Prevent :

We can prevent tinnitus by acting on some points. Protect your hearing, always put some safety measure even if you are working with lawn mover or hear dryer they can also cause tinnitus, Always avoid loud sound exposure, Always stay active, do some exercise, Always control blood pressure, low intake of salt, do not take aspirin in large quantity.

Never ever delay if you feel some noise in your ear because it can cause deafness. By acting on above points we can take care of ourselves and avoid ourselves from tinnitus and we can live happy life.

Pregnancy And Acne

Acne, pimples and rankles are such big problem which is faced by a majority of woman
in their teenage life but Women do think like that after passing their teenage life
their skin will not be suffered by any kind of pimples, rankles etc. but the fact is
that they are wrong!! it is estimated around 50% of the women suffers from acne problems
even in their adult age which can happen at any point in their lives, you never know when
it does happen but if you are lucky then there is a possibility that you can escape this
but if you are not then you have to face it.

Research shows that Pregnancy and acne go parallel with each other but this does not mean
that only pregnancy cause acne problems, this could be your previous acne problem. There
are two possibilities that you are having acne problem and it is cleared up during
pregnancy period or if you never face with any acne problem during pregnancy and the
second possibility is that you have a clear skin but you experience acne problem during
your pregnancy period.

This happens due to change in hormones levels as they increases they lead to an increase
in the oil producing pores in our skin which come with two effects that whether it gives
you a shiny beautiful look or if you are victim of oily skin before pregnancy than it can
be a disaster for your skin. So this all depends on person to person and vary from skin to
skin. Women during pregnancy may suffer from melasma. This causes discoloration to the
face like on forehead, nose or upper lips etc. mostly women with darker complexion are
found more being suffered from melasma than women with fair complexion. Melasma can be
cure by using sunscreen and protecting skin from any direct exposure of sunlight as much
as you can ."puerperal urticaria of pregnancy" it is also called as PUP this results in
rashes and itching on the skin and other body parts mostly it improves after delivery but
use of soothing lotions can minimize irritation causes due to "Puerperal Urticaria of
Pregnancy (PUP).

How To Prevent :

Their are many tips for the cure of pregnancy acne problems like a pregnant woman should
take good care of her skin, she should wash her skin regularly with any kind of
medicated product which she can use after consulting any recognized Dermatologist or
she can also use common products which are easily available in the markets like face wash
and face cleanser but these common products should also be the product of good
manufacturers which are recognized and have good reputation because their are many many
false products in the market which can only harm your skin despite being curing it and
they also cost you so therefore consultation is a better way. Sunscreen should be use
regularly even if you are facing with melasma or not. Use of a good moisturizer also
helps in keeping the skin away from any acne problems and last but not the least a
proper sleep and use of fresh fruits helps a lot in such condition.


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