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Dwarfism refers to the disorder of height, the abnormal height of An individual which does not resemble his or her Age is called dwarfism. It is very common in developing countries, epecially in Pakistan, India, Africa and some other locations of Asia are badly affected by it, it is not true that only these areas have this disorder its natural anyone can have it no matter where they are basically it’s a disorder of height.
It occurs as a result of problem in thyroid glands of a person which are present in the neck region, the thyroid gland along with thyroid hormones does not work properly, the thyroid gland is responsible for the height and some other diseases in humans.
Causes of Dwarfism:

The main causes of dwarfism are:
1. Dwarfism causes low self esteem in the patient.
2. Shame and feeling of loneliness.
3. Social influence.
4. Embarrassment.
5. Low confidence level.

Symptoms of Dwarfism:

The main dwarfism symptoms are:
1. The height of child does not develop with the age of the child.
2. Problems in thyroid hormones or glands.
3. Thyroxine does not work properly.
4. Deficiency of iodine.
5. Abnormal features of the face and body.

Treatment of Dwarfism:

The treatment of dwarfism is given in points form below:
1. Certain types of medicines in the market promises that they can increase the height.but there are only 3o % chances of the recovery.
2. Exercises may help.
3. Pull off and jumping exercises are specially helpful.
4. Iodine is important for growth and normal working of thyroid.
5. Good diet may work for better growth.
6. Counseling of the patient should be most important task for doctors and the family or belongings.

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