Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Infections

Some of the summer induced infections are mentioned below:

Heart Strokes:

Primarily occurs due to prolonged exposure to the sun and lack of fluids.

Symptoms of Heart Stroke:

1. Heavy sweating.
2. Muscles cramps.
3. Exhaustions.
4. Dizziness.
5. Headache.
6. Vomiting.
7. Nauseas.
8. Fainting.

Prevention of Heart Stroke:

Drinking plenty of water and fluids is the only prevention from this stroke.

Treatment of Heart Stroke:

Drink water and oral rehydration salts (ORS) to rehydrate the body if symptoms persists consult a doctor.


Its also a sign of cholera and usually occurs due to a bacterial infection In adults and the rotavirus in children.

Symptoms of Diarrhoea:

1. Vomiting.
2. Running stomach.

Prevention of Diarrhoea:

1. Avoid eating unhygienic foods and left overs.
2. Be cautious when eating food that spoils easily on heat.
3. Always drink boiled/treated/bottled water.
4. Rotavirus vaccination is available for children.

Treatment of Diarrhoea:

1. Drink loads and loads of water.
2. Water which contains salts and minerals.

Malaria and Dengue Fever:

Caused by mosquito bites, these are very serious diseases especially if not treated immediately.

Symptoms of Malaria and Dengue Fever:

1. Fever
2. Chills
3. Loss if appetite.

Prevention of Malaria and Dengue Fever:

1. Use of mosquito repellents and coils
2. Ensure that all doors and windows in your house have screens to prevent the entry of mosquito.

Treatment of Malaria and Dengue Fever:

If you are suffering from the above symptoms consult a doctor immediately.


Caused by bacteria this is also a very serious disease if not treated immediately.

Symptoms of Typhoid:

1. High grade fever
2. Extreme weakness
3. Stomach and headaches
4. Loss of appetite
5. Diarrhoea
6. Constipation

Preventions of Typhoid:

1. Vaccinations
2. Drinking boiled water
3. Avoid unhygienic foods
4. Use contaminated water while cooking

Treatment of Typhoid:

1. Proper rest
2. For a month, proper diet plan.

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