Monday, June 20, 2011

Queen Bee Syndrome

Queen bee syndrome was first diagnosed and defined by G.L. Staines, T.E. Jayaratne, and C. Tavris in 1973. Basically it is a psychological disorder, this disorder exists in women, it describes a woman in a position of leader or authority who views and harm other woman under her authority, she treats them more critically, this disorder suggest that women find it more stressful to work for women managers, but in the case of males it is different no criticized was found in case of males.
It can be said that queen bee is one who has succeeded in his or her career, but do not want other to do the same or to reach his/her level.
Former Primer Minister Margaret Thatcher can be taken as a noble example of queen bee.

Causes of Queen Bee Syndrome:

1. This disorder may be the cause of jealousy among women which may lead towards critical behaviors.
2. Status, money, beauty, character and popularity may be the cause of jealousy among women.
3. Mostly it occurs in those women who are working models or a authority because of their gender they want credit for themselves not for any other women.
4. Divorces may lost the authoritative position by doing certain negative acts.

Symptoms of Queen Bee Syndrome:

1. The woman infected by this syndrome shows certain anger, frustrations and bad behaviors especially toward female colleagues.
2. The social life of that person is not happy it is mostly seen.
3. The authoritative figure i.e female who has the authority might be not happy with her own life and she see other woman as a target that in real she is responsible for her lose.
4. Status symbols in comparing and in competition with other woman may lead towards the queen bee syndrome.

Treatment of Queen Bee Syndrome:

1. It may only treated by counseling and several mind therapies.
2. Social life and social therapies may help.
3. Taking all the human kind as same and not differentiating among them may also help in behavior.
4. The schema that woman is responsible for the destruction of other woman should be removed from the society.

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