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Plague is a disease which is transmitted from infected animals, usually by an insect named as fleas, to humans. It may also cause from person to person by touching or breathing droplets that contain the bacterium, Yersinia pestis. This bacteria can easily spread into the bloodstream and starts effecting other organs of the body, plague is a dangerous disease, the bacteria can also cause death of the effected person.

Plague Causes :

1. Once a human is infected, it is fairly easy for that person to infect other people with the organisms especially if they develop pulmonary infection because droplets containing Yersinia.
2. Lea bite is dangerous if it bites many people at a time and transfer the disease to their bloods one by one.
3. In general, plague circulates in the areas where infected fleas on rodents transfer the bacteria to other rodents which usually take places by the jaws of two infected bodies.
4. Direct contact with infected body may cause plague.
5. Through animals especially dogs.

Plague Symptoms :

1. They can be classified into three categories:
Bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic. But a patient may be present with just one type also.
i. Bubonic: lymphs and nodes becomes swollen in three to seven days, term bubonic is derived from buboes) and the patient may also develop fever, chills, and weakness in this type of category.
ii. Septicemic: these patients do not develop buboes but symptoms may be chills, fever, shiver, bleeding,weaknesses, septic shocks, blood pressure.
iii. Pneumonic: pains, fevers, chest pains, shortness of breaths appear in this type of plague.

Plague Diagnosis :

1. Bleeding from any part of the body.
2. The two main types of problems, Fever and lymphadenopathy arises in a person who resides in or have visited to a plague-endemic area.
3. Patient’s exposure towards animals or fleas or the flea accompany them.
4. Patient getting fatigue or may get out of control due to the spreading of bacteria towards his or her brain.

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