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Sciatica is pain which is in the lower parts of our body resulting from movement or irritation of the sciatic nerve, it is felt from lower back towards backbone to thigh and knees, the sciatic nerve is longest bone which presents in human body, it begins from nerve roots in the lumbar spinal cord (low back) and spread through the buttock area, this pain of sciatica bone is referred as sciatica. This nerve can also move while pregnancy and as a result sciatica can occur.

Causes of Sciatica:

1. Any cause of irritation or movement of this sciatic nerve can reproduce the symptoms easily.
2. Irritation of the bone.
3. Swelling and severe pains.
4. Internal bleeding.
5. Tumors.
6. Infections.
7. Injury.
8. Certain bone problems.

Symptoms of Sciatica:

1. Burning sensations.
2. Numbness.
3. Pains.
4. Tingling radiations.
5. Hip pains are common.
6. Difficulty in walking.
7. Problem in bending and stretching of that bone.

Diagnosis of Sciatica:

1. It is not easy to diagnose Sciatica, but it is usually done by physical exam or by medical history of the patient.
2. With MRI.
3. Ct-scan.
4. X-rays.
5. Electromyogram.
These tests and medical analysis can diagnose the sciatica if it is present or not.

Treatment of Sciatica:

1. Sciatica treatment totally depend upon the causes and the severity of its pain.
2. Certain multi-vitamins should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.
3. Certain exercises should be done daily so as to avoid sciatica.
4. Pain management programs may help reduce the pains and severity of the sciatica.
5. Specialist doctors are good at guiding others according to their cases.
6. Arthropedics are the doctors who treats with bone difficulties.
7. In some cases surgery is more important.
8. Complete bed rest may help patient to fell good about pains and it can reduce the intensity of the diseases as well.

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