Thursday, April 7, 2011

Under Eyes Bags

In this modern world of fashion and fast moving world, Every person in this world want to look beautiful from others and want to become a unique personality, for looking good people become modern by applying modern fashions on their hairs, dress and face with different products. The swelling around eyes or change of color under the eyes is called Eyes Bags. It is also know as puffy eyes.

Causes Of Under Eyes Bags :

Some people have natural beauty but on the other hand due to lots of depression or stress and other problems also, they think more than the ordinary thinking person, due to this their face become stern and looks odd this is not the only cause of under eye bags but smoking, kidney problem and some other major factors are their too, sometimes they got under eye bags and a person having under eye bags looks old enough too. Sleep deprivation or over sleeping, Tobacco and Alcohol use and skin disorders can cause under eyes bags.

Treatment Of Under Eyes Bags :
Some of the best treatment of getting rid from these under eye bags are eating fresh food which is full of vitamins, keeping your body dehydrated by eating vegetables and water, use moisturizing creams to take care of under eye bag and taking sleep of almost 7-8 hours a day because it is also a major cause of getting under eye bags, some other tips are also available but the main ones are only these. Eating vitamin rich food especially vitamin A, B and C can be helpful in reducing eyes bags. Change in diet and a whole lifestyle can also help to reduce eyes bags.

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