Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Huntington disease is an inherited disease in which the brain of the effected individual does not work properly. this disease is basically named after a scientist huntington who discovered this disease after that it is named huntington’s disease in 1872.
The subject of this disease takes a very longer time period to adjust in a society, their brain is not well developed so that the society hesitates to accept them in a healthy society, it is truly a inherited disease, if one of your parents has huntington disease so there are 50% chances of you to have it either in middle age or later on in life. It is calculated that more than 20,000 Americans have this disease. It attacks the outer surface of human brain which results in losing memory and person could not control perception and his thoughts.

Symptoms Of Huntington :

In this disease people are born with defective gene, but the signs usually do not appear until middle age, the very early symptoms of the huntigton disease are uncontrolled muscles movements of the individual against his or her will.and secondly the clumsiness or the balance problem.

Diagnosis Of Huntington :

The most common diagnosis of this disease is a blood test of gene which can ensure either you have huntington disease or not.

Treatment Of Huntington :

There is no accurate treatment to this disease up till now,doctors are not able to find its cure yet.but they do advise health and genetics counselors who may help the patients to live in a society.

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