Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis is an infection which causes irritation or soreness in liver, Hepatitis is usually caused by a toxin such as alcohol or virus. There are some other viruses which can cause injury to the liver cells of a human body which include hepatitis C and hepatitis A virus, these viruses are not like the viruses of Hepatitis A and C and they are totally different in structure as well, More than 2.5 Billion people are infected with Hepatitis B virus and around 650,000 people dies because of this deadly virus.

Symptoms of hepatitis B :

When this virus is at early stage the infected person causes flu-like illness, joint pains and fever. There are two infections of Hepatitis B,Acute hepatitis B and Chronic hepatitis B, acute infection has the limit of around 4 months which affects and causes hepatitis B. The main symptoms of acute hepatitis are nausea, loss of appetite, jaundice ( yellowing of eyes and skin ) pain in the abdomen and fatigue.

Diagnosis of hepatitis B :

Hepatitis B can be diagnosed only with specific hepatitis B virus blood tests. These tests are commonly known as hepatitis 'markers' or 'serology'. The tests called assays are usually required for detection of hepatitis B virus which involve blood tests or serum that detect either viral antigens or antibodies.

Treatment of hepatitis B :

The acute hepatitis b does not requires any type of treatment because around 90% of the US adults only can easily cover up from this virus infection, on the other hand treatment of chronic hepatitis b is necessary because it leads towards liver cancer and other deadly diseases, use of vaccines can reduce the growth of virus in a body. Some antiviral drugs are given to the patients to recover at early stage.

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