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Jaundice is a yellow color of the skin staining and the sclera (whitening of eyes), the jaundice is caused by the high amount of bilirubin in blood which is a chemical. The color of the eyes and the skin is all dependent on the bilirubins when bilirubin is moderate the color becomes yellow and when its high the color of eyes and skin becomes brown, bilirubins are from the red blood cells, red blood cells have a time limit when they get old they are destroyed and the new blood cell carries oxygen from the old one and it results in the that the iron from the old cell is removed by bilirubin and it takes place the red blood cell.

Causes Of Jaundice :

The chemical named bilirubin comes from the blood of body, which lies in the red blood cells, when it becomes old enough it is destroyed. There are several causes of Jaundice, some of them are,
1. Too much amount of bilirubin in the blood.
2. Defect in the liver which protects the cell from bilirubin.
3. The defect in the bile duct which reduces the effects of bile or bilirubin to penetrate in the blood.

Symptoms Of Jaundice :

The symptoms of jaundice can be easily seen over a patient here they are:
1. Weakness.
2. Fatigue.
3. Yellow color of the body prominent on face and eyes.
4. Whitish color of eyes.
5. Tearing eyes.
6. Loss of appetite.
7. Low water in body.
8. Non balanced diet .
9. Un balanced homeostasis of body.

Diagnosis Of Jaundice :

The diagnosis method for jaundice are :

1. The examination of abdomen is checked physically.
2. Ultrasonography can also diagnose the presence of jaundice.
4. Magnetic resonance imagning (MRI)
5. Liver biopsy.

Treatments And Precautions Of Jaundice :

The treatment of jaundice involves full bed rest for months, patient should not involve in exercise or body effort’s stuff, he should do complete bed rest and some antibiotics are also being recommended by doctors, the use of fruits and juices are prescribe by doctors, patient should only eat soft and light foods. No oily food while jaundice it is prohibited by doctors, weekly blood tests and checkup from doctors are compulsory.

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