Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skin Cancer

As we all know that there are dozen types of Cancer diseases, in which Skin cancer is mostly common form of cancer which happens to humans, it is also known as skin neoplasia, there are three other conditions in skin cancer, 1. basal skin cancer, 2. squamous cell cancer and 3. melanoma. Most dangerous and deadly condition with in these three is melanoma, more than 10,000 people are infected with this condition only in England, in which around 2500 people die annually. Young adults with in age of 15-25 are usually infected with this condition.
More than 1.2 million cases occur yearly of skin cancer and is increasing day by day, it is also surveyed that around 55% of all Americans with the age of 65 or more are infected with skin cancer once in their whole life.

Symptoms Of Skin Cancer :

The main symptoms of skin cancer are changes in the skin which do not heal, sore in the skin, the color of skin changes and if the moles becomes larger than ordinary size.

Causes Of Skin Cancer :

There are variety of cause which results in skin cancer, like : too much smoking tobacco, over use of Ultraviolet radiations, deficiency of vitamin D, which we get from Sun.

Prevention Of Skin Cancer :

Skin cancer can only be prevented if a person avoids using tobacco, reducing use of ultra violet, by using full leaves shirts and full clothes which can cover up the whole body specially when going outdoor.

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