Thursday, April 21, 2011


Dyslexia is a disorder of language, the individual suffers problems in understanding a language through any medium like written,spoken or auditory. There are three types of disorders involve in the dyslexia they are: auditory, visual and attentional, its not an intellectual disability, its is considered to be a learning and reading disability.

Dyslexia Symptoms :

The symptoms may involve the severity of the disorder according to the age of the individual, the age is a factor responsible in dyslexia for its severity and those who understand how to cope with it or how to handle their problem do not suffer because of it.

Dyslexia Treatment :

Counseling of these children in special schools designed for them are the best treatment which you can provide to these children. The teachers their should be trained enough so they can handle these children properly and can teach them the right direction they can write and read by understanding what they are suppose to do.

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