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Alopecia is a hair loss disease which effects the hair scalp of the may effect either the one side of the head or either the both sides of the can also effect the growth of hairs on the other parts of the body beside head effects both female and males but in case of majority of the men it is seen as the result of inherited hair disease.most commonly children,men and young adults are effected by Alopecia.


1. Inheritance from your parents.
2. Abnormality in immune system causes Alopecia.
3. Thyroid diseases causes Alopecia.
4. It can also be the result of allergy.
5. Family heredity and gene are common factor in causing Alopecia.


It cannot be diagnosed easily but sometimes the biopsy of scalp can help find this disorder.


1. In some cases hair will regrow without any reason within a year.
2. In some cases Steroid injections and some other types of creams and shampoos (like as fluocinonide and clobetasol ) for the scalp are used from years. Other major medications include minoxidil, irritants (topical coal tar OR anthralin), and topical immunotherapy (cyclosporine), are of these are used with combination with other products.
3. But sometimes there is no treatment for Alopecia the patients has to deal with it through out their life time.

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  1. One cause of alopecia in that occurs as an abnormality in females is androgenic alopecia-which occurs due to hormonal imbalances. Anyway overall it's a nice and informative article.



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