Monday, July 11, 2011

Heat Rash

Heat rash which is also known as sweat rash and in some cases prickly heat is a itchy skin disease in which the different parts of body are marked with small rashes or reddish dots. The swear glands which lies in the skin of body are controlled by the brain to regulate temperature of body.
This heat rash takes place when the sweat ducts become blocked up and the sweat cannot get its way towards the surface of skin. It appears in hot and humid conditions like in summer.

Signs and symptoms of Heat Rash:

The main signs and symptoms of heat rash are given below.
1. Small red spots or rashes on the skin parts, usually on face, under breast, neck, chest ( where the rub of clothes takes place ) and folding areas of body like arms.
2. Heat rash or prickly heat looks same as shingles but it is itchy and person should consult doctors quickly.

Causes of Heat Rash:

Following are the causes of heat rash.
1. It is causes by using too much creams and lotion on the skin because it stops the sweat ducts and as a result heat rash is caused.
2. Usage of clothes which are tight enough and do not allow proper evaporation of sweats.
3. It is seen that most of the people tighten their selves with warm clothes during fever which is not good and often causes heat rash.

Heat Rash Prevention:

Use fans and other means of cooling methods in order to keep skin fresh with fresh air, do not use tight clothes and shoes because they cause rash. Do not play or go outside under sun in summer specially.

Heat Rash Treatment:

By applying these steps one can get rid of heat rash.
1. Doctors and specialist advice prickly heat powder or sprays to treat heat rash.
2. Some creams consisting vitamin A and C can treat it but it is not yet certified by the doctors.
3. Some anti-biotics may also needed in order to treat it.

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