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Epilepsy was one of the ancient founded brain disorder. Some facts are found that it was also quoted in ancient Babylon around 2500-3000 years ago. It is a brain disorder in which clusters of neurons or nerve cells, which lies in the brain at times signal unaccountably or you can say abnormally. The unfamiliar behavior are so called seizures or epilepsy. It is a disorder of human body it may found everywhere all around the world, no exact cause of this disease has been found yet but it is said that it occurs due to the dis connection or may be the fault in nervous system of the individual somewhere, epilepsy occurs in episodes and accidentally, no one knows when it is going to occur even not the patient is aware of it that suddenly the change will come, for example you are at work and you are a patient of epilepsy you don’t know when and where at the moment will it occur, some schemas about epilepsy are that the water is responsible for epilepsy because it is mostly seen that the patient develop the attack of epilepsy soon after he or she see water. A person having a severe illness may cry out, fall to the floor senseless.

Causes of epilepsy:

No exact cause of epilepsy has been found yet. Epilepsy may develop because of strangeness in brain working.
But some causes are related to brain disorders or genetic factor may play important role, poisoning and head injury may also lead towards epilepsy.
Some other main causes of epilepsy are.
1. Brain tumors.
2. Fatigue.
3. Genetics conditions.
4. Brain injury from birth.
5. Abnormal blood vessels in brain.
6. Leading poisons.

Symptoms of epilepsy:

1. Making of chewing movement.
2. Blink rapidly.
3. Persons feels abnormal smells, sounds or some sort of change in eyesight.
4. Nausea.
5. A blank stare.

Diagnosis of epilepsy:

1. Your previous history.
2. Physical examination.
3. ECG.

Treatment of epilepsy:

The surgery is the only solution along with the medications.

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