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Myopia Definition:

Myopia is termed as the short sightedness of any individual, he may not see far objects clearly as all normal people can do, its a disorder of eye sightedness, the person cannot see the written things very far or see distant. People having myopia bears difficulty seeing far objects, but can see objects that are near clearly.
Example, a person who is nearsighted may not be in position to see highway signs clearly until he reaches closer to it.

Causes of myopia:

1. The rays of light tilt incorrectly into the eye whose work is to transmit scene or image to the brain.
2. Too much use of computers or television screens from very near may cause myopia.
3. The cornea of these people is curvature.
4. The eye ball may be too long.
5. Myopia may be by birth or by hereditary it runs in many families.

Symptoms of myopia:

1. Fatigue.
2. Eye strains.
3. Headaches.
4. Eyes burning.
5. Unable to look far away.
6. Itching in eyes all the time.
7. Tension in eyes because of tension in eyes.

Diagnosis of myopia:

1. By the standard eye exams used by all the doctors to check the eyesight.
2. By computerized eye checking.

Treatment of myopia:

1. Use of eye glass, lenses or refractive surgery are the main treatment ways.
2. Photorefractive keratectomy.
3. Laser surgery.
4. Various eye exercises may help if they are done daily and time to time.
5. Iron and protein supplement is important in myopia.

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