Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The activities which we use to perform every day can give some disadvantages
to our eye sight. Like working on computer all day long, reading different materials,
and writing requires a lot of concentration and eye attention creates high chances to
feel your eyes tired. The modern technology is putting more and more stress on our eye
sight day by day. Recent studies shows that most peoples are facing the problems like
eye sight weakness and eye disorders in early ages. It is better to take care of your
eyes at early ages by acting on some tips and advises you can take good care of your
eyes and can save your eyes from different problems.

1. Go must go for the eyes check in every 12 months.
2. Always follow the medication suggested by your doctor because it can minimize the
risk of eye problems.
3. Keep changing your contact lenses in every 6 months ( If you use lenses ) and wash
them once in a week. Otherwise i suggest you not to use contact lenses because they are
not good for eyes always use best quality glasses.
4. Always wear sunglasses if you are going out in a shiny day because it will prevent
you from sunlight.


  1. Nice sharing and gud techniques to keep ur eyes healthy, really worth to read


  2. There are a lot of eye diseases and eating the proper foods can lower the risk of these diseases.

  3. may be we have to be more careful while looking after our eye because it is the most delicate part of our body,with proper diet we can make it safer

  4. I will do in the same way as you have told so as to keep my eyes healthy, and to keep my eyesight accurate.

  5. This is a very well written and informative article. Every one is in detail step by step. I was searching for this type of article.

  6. Very nice Article and help others for maintain their eyes. Short and understandable Article. Thanks

  7. Nice article. The sentence are easy to be understand. Please give me more article.

  8. I will do in the same way as you have told so as to keep my eyes healthy, and to keep my eyesight accurate.

  9. Nice tips for caring eye...! thanks for sharing the idea.

  10. itsa very good artcle
    thanks for telling us !!
    it works

  11. After read this article, we could learned that prevention is far better than cure

  12. Some addition for the article above :
    -took break for 1-2 minutes every 1-2 hour if you work on front of computer daily.
    -eat vit.A as suplement or eye supplement
    -Do not read on less-illuminated room

    Cherrs :)

  13. i love this site. i'll be reading this more from now on ^_^,

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  15. Very true...checking the eyes at regular intervals along with the body check is very essential.It is a neglected organ surely.I think a good diet also helps the eye vision.

  16. This is amazing information. This trick could be work well. I have suffer some problems with my eyes. So this could be useful for me.

  17. These tips are really beneficial. I need some of them. Really eye safety is necessary and these advice from you can be really effective.



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