Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pregnancy And Acne

Acne, pimples and rankles are such big problem which is faced by a majority of woman
in their teenage life but Women do think like that after passing their teenage life
their skin will not be suffered by any kind of pimples, rankles etc. but the fact is
that they are wrong!! it is estimated around 50% of the women suffers from acne problems
even in their adult age which can happen at any point in their lives, you never know when
it does happen but if you are lucky then there is a possibility that you can escape this
but if you are not then you have to face it.

Research shows that Pregnancy and acne go parallel with each other but this does not mean
that only pregnancy cause acne problems, this could be your previous acne problem. There
are two possibilities that you are having acne problem and it is cleared up during
pregnancy period or if you never face with any acne problem during pregnancy and the
second possibility is that you have a clear skin but you experience acne problem during
your pregnancy period.

This happens due to change in hormones levels as they increases they lead to an increase
in the oil producing pores in our skin which come with two effects that whether it gives
you a shiny beautiful look or if you are victim of oily skin before pregnancy than it can
be a disaster for your skin. So this all depends on person to person and vary from skin to
skin. Women during pregnancy may suffer from melasma. This causes discoloration to the
face like on forehead, nose or upper lips etc. mostly women with darker complexion are
found more being suffered from melasma than women with fair complexion. Melasma can be
cure by using sunscreen and protecting skin from any direct exposure of sunlight as much
as you can ."puerperal urticaria of pregnancy" it is also called as PUP this results in
rashes and itching on the skin and other body parts mostly it improves after delivery but
use of soothing lotions can minimize irritation causes due to "Puerperal Urticaria of
Pregnancy (PUP).

How To Prevent :

Their are many tips for the cure of pregnancy acne problems like a pregnant woman should
take good care of her skin, she should wash her skin regularly with any kind of
medicated product which she can use after consulting any recognized Dermatologist or
she can also use common products which are easily available in the markets like face wash
and face cleanser but these common products should also be the product of good
manufacturers which are recognized and have good reputation because their are many many
false products in the market which can only harm your skin despite being curing it and
they also cost you so therefore consultation is a better way. Sunscreen should be use
regularly even if you are facing with melasma or not. Use of a good moisturizer also
helps in keeping the skin away from any acne problems and last but not the least a
proper sleep and use of fresh fruits helps a lot in such condition.


  1. this is happening because of the excess of hormones in the woman's body.

  2. Nice post, thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful information with me.



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