Thursday, April 29, 2010

Acai Berries

Acai berry is the reddish, purple color fruit, which is found in Central And Southern Parts of United States Of America, this fruit is from the blueberry, strawberry and other berries family, this fruit is very ordinary and one of the important fruits in the world, this fruit has some thing special in them that these acai berries are very important for health diseases and for cancer, as acai berries contains healthy nutrients in them which can increases stamina and energy level of and ordinary human being.
Acai berries is rich of anthocyanin, which is found in almost every purple and blue color of fruits and vegetables.

These berries also help in growing hairs, promote glowing skins, helps in reducing soreness and give quick relief to pain, increase stamina, increase energy.Acai also helps in protection of body's cells and it also reduces the risk of cancer. It is completely a miracle food the recent studies shows that acai berry helps in reducing weight and it is the safest food to eat in the world.
Recent research shows that the nutrients that are in the acai berries can easily kill cancer producing cells as the research team taken some blood of a cancers victim body and put some part of the fruit in to the test tube after some days the tested the blood again and they were shocked that this fruit is so important as acai berries kills the cells of cancer that were in the blood, different doctors and institutions are working more on this great fruit.
This fruit also got high quantity of pulp which has high antioxidant capacity in it, even more capacity then blue berries, straw berries, raspberries and all type of berries.
Acai berries are also used in beauty products, because it has got acai oil, which is used in various facial masks, colour whitening creams, conditioners and some types of beauty soaps.
Acai berries are the only fruit that can help in fighting so much infections and major diseases like cancer and heart problems.

This fruit has not any kind of side effect if you will eat this to a moderate amount but if you will only eat this acai berries more than amount advised by doctors then it will treat you more harming than any fruit.

As this fruit is only available in some parts of America, scientist and farmers are helping to grow this important fruit in other parts of world so more people will take help of this fruit to avoid several diseases.


  1. this fruit have immense qualities can reduce the chances of human body get affected by disease,it have more essential supplements to help in developing immune system

  2. I heard all kind of stuff about these fruits, but I seriously doubt it they are all truths.

  3. Great info! Berries of all kinds have many health benefits. Everyone can benefit from at least one serving daily.

  4. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!



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