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Tinnitus is ringing, swishing or other type of sound originate within the human ear. It is not a disease, it is a symptom which results from some causes. It is very disturbing for peoples who have it. According to a report almost 12 percent of peoples with age of 60 to 75 are affected from tinnitus. It is very common in old aged peoples.

Inner ear and outer ear are most infected areas from it. In some patients it takes a form of whistling, clicking, roaring, humming and ticking sound.
Tinnitus can cause damage to the inner ear and hearing nerve, loud noise exposure is another cause of tinnitus and it can also cause damage to hearing problem as well. Tinnitus can some suddenly without any prior medical problem that is why its is very hard to understand it on early stages it is a case of physician but on first stage one should directly consult to his doctor for taking some advice.

With the complete physical examination, some tests, and complete physical history can help in determining tinnitus. In some cases it there is not treatment for this problem it can go away on its own but in some minor cases it can cause some major problem for ears.

How To Prevent :

We can prevent tinnitus by acting on some points. Protect your hearing, always put some safety measure even if you are working with lawn mover or hear dryer they can also cause tinnitus, Always avoid loud sound exposure, Always stay active, do some exercise, Always control blood pressure, low intake of salt, do not take aspirin in large quantity.

Never ever delay if you feel some noise in your ear because it can cause deafness. By acting on above points we can take care of ourselves and avoid ourselves from tinnitus and we can live happy life.

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