Thursday, March 3, 2011


Gout is a human disease in which the level of uric acid inside the body increases, the increase limit of this uric acid leads to form small crystals which gathers around the tissues, tendons and joints of a body, the most affected area of this disease is the toes ( hallux ) of a person. The infected parts becomes swollen , itchy, reddish and paining. This disease can leads towards building stones in kidneys and joint destruction. It is also known as "the disease of rich".
Around 5 Million people only is United States got affected by this disease, and the people over 70 age are usually infected with this diseases and the ratio of causing this disease in men is more than women.

Signs And Symptoms Of Gout :

A person feels joints pain in knee, arms, fingers and most commonly in toes often at night times because that time the temperature of a persons body changes, other main symptoms might be of a fatigue and have high temperature ( fever ). The pain in these parts is very hard to bear even a light touch of body or blanket cannot be easily beard.

Causes Of Gout :

Gout can be caused by these main factors : high blood pressure, the increase level of salt in human body, gaining weight, drinking too much alcohol or injury to the joint. People having hyperuricemia are usually caught with gout once in their life.

Diagnosis Of Gout :

The main diagnosis of gout is usually done by taking an x-ray of the affected part. Blood tests are also conducted in order to check the level or presence of uric acid in the body.

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