Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kidney Failure

Kidney is the main organ of human body, which not only filters the blood, getting rid of all the waste products and it also balances the electrolytes in a human body, kidney failure is also known as renal failure.

Causes Of Kidney Failure :

The kidney failure causes when the kidney of a person filled or overloaded with lots of toxins, the main causes for the kidney to get interrupted is accidents, injuries, from surgeries, overdose of different drugs, eating more amount of antibiotics.

Symptoms Of Kidney Failure :

Each person having kidney failure have different symptoms but the common ones are, level of urea in blood increases which causes vomiting and dehydration, changing of skin color, feeling difficulty while sleeping and feeling bad taste in mouth.

Treatment Of Kidney Failure :

The first step for the treatment is taking care of the kidney, not to pull heavy items, the diet should be taken as per the advice of doctor or specialists, one should avoid Cold drinks and spicy meals.

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