Saturday, February 12, 2011


Anemia is the disease causes by the decreasing amount of red blood cells in a human body, there are different classes or you can say kinds of this disease,

Causes Of Anemia :

Their is no any specific cause for this disease, but it is caused when the normal routine of cell got disturbed or due to loss of blood.

Diagnosis Of Anemia :

Anemia is usually diagnosed by the CBC ( Counting Blood Cells ), it also checks the amount of Hemoglobin in the cells. The size of cell is also checked from this test.

Treatment Of Anemia :

The patient of this disease is treated with the injections of Vitamin B12, which is the necessary action taken by the doctors at the first step.


  1. Anemia is actually a sign of a disease process rather than a disease itself. It is usually classified as acute or chronic. Any process that can disrupt the normal life of red blood cells can cause anemia.

  2. Is there any possible that anemia will go through cancer which is leukemia? or is it connected?



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